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What are “Disney Tsum Tsum’s?”

Pronounced like “SOOM SOOM” (not Zoom Zoom), the Tsum Tsum’s were created for a mobile app. game that originated in Japan called  “DisneyTsumTsum.”   The romanji word “Tsum” (or “ツム” in Japanese) means “Stack” so the words “Tsum Tsum” literally means “Stack Stack.”

In the mobile app. game, also available in the US and other countries, Disney characters in Tsum Tsum form gather on a screen and stack up on top of each other, while players use their finger to connect as many like characters as they can to clear them off of the screen to gain points and other incentives. In the game, you can collect many different Tsum Tsum’s that each have their own unique skill to help to make each game play unique. The game became such a huge hit that the Walt Disney Company decided to come out with a set of mini plush Tsum Tsum’s.

The Craze of the Disney Tsum Tsum’s

No one will deny that Tsum Tsum’s are SUPER cute! And everyone loves cute, right? The cuteness of the Tsum Tsum’s was noticed by people all over the world who were doing anything they could to get their hands on the adorable plush that were once only available in Japan. Almost a year after they first appeared in Japan Disney Stores, Tsum Tsum’s started to become available in other countries. There are hundred’s of different characters to collect ranging from mini to MEGA Tsum’s in plush form as well as squishies, vinyls, collectible pins, mugs, plates many other forms of merchandise.

Where to Find Tsum Tsum’s

Disney Tsum Tsum’s can be found stacking up in Disney Store’s all over the world as well as Disney Parks and retailers like  Target, Toys R Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens,  The Entertainer, JC Penney, Amazon.com and many other locations! You can also find many popular Tsum Tsum products on our blog store “Buy TSUMthing” or here: Amazon.com

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