Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience

Boy, oh boy oh boy! The Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience at Disneyland in Anaheim was definitely an experience but not the experience I was expecting. For a price tag of $45.00 per person (no discounts allowed), guests can make a reservation for this new and “unique” experience that takes place outside at the Innovention’s building on the balcony (walkway ramp) on the second level which is now being called the “Tomorrowland Expo Center.

With how Disneyland marketed this new experience, lots of guests were left wondering if it really is worth the extra cost and have waited to see reviews, photos and videos before taking the plunge and handing over more of their hard earned money to Disney.  Wait no more! I hope this review gives you the answers you have been waiting for!

Tsum Tsum Marie got to enjoy this unique experience on Saturday, June 10, 2017:

Reservations & Whats Included


  • Cost: $45.00 per person with no discounts allowed
  • Time Frame: 8:00PM-10:00PM (2 hours total)
  • Includes: 1 Box of “Solar System Sweets which includes  1 cream-filled sponge cake, 1 cream-filled chocolate cake drenched in chocolate, 1 coconut-strawberry  iced sponge cake filled with cream, 1 mini cherry-filled pie,  cheese and crackers and a small amount of grapes, all you can drink soda, water, tea, hot chocolate and coffee, 1 lanyard for the experience, and a seat to watch the fireworks (unless they are cancelled). They also hand out blankets for each guest to use but not to keep and have games to play such as Jenga, Connect Four and Checkers. Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse make a brief appearance to take photos with guest but at separate times. They also have complimentary phone chargers (which may or may not work).


Skyline Lounge Experience Check In

Firstly, Disney needs to update their “Check-In” location that is stated on the reservation email. The email states: “Check in for the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience begins 15 minutes prior to the event at the Tomorrowland Fruit Cart across from The Star Trader.

PLEASE NOTE: That location is INCORRECT. We only realized after waiting 15 minutes at the abandoned fruit cart and realizing no one else was there.  Check in actually begins on the far right of the Innovention’s building, now known as Star Wars Launch Bay OR Tomorrowland Expo Center, at the bottom of the ramp. There is a Guest Check-In sign at that location, so be sure to keep a look out for it. At that point, the Castmembers will start checking guests in and collecting payment. After you pay, you will receive a wristband for each guest and your group will then line up at the blue rope & carpet and wait until your party is escorted up the ramp by a Castmember.

Skyline Lounge Experience Check in at Disneyland Tomorrowland

Starting Your Experience

“Not Your Typical Disney” also got to enjoy this experience on Saturday, June 10, 2017. Be sure to give her a follow to see more fun and interesting photos from the Disneyland Resort and Tokyo Disney Resort.

Once you reach the top of the ramp, the Castmember guide will tell you the rules of the experience. Be sure to listen carefully because it sounded like ours told us to stand on the railing and clearly that was not what she said! You will then be greeted by more Castmembers at the food stand who will hand you your 1 snack box and lanyard and tell you to grab whatever drinks as you wish, as you can always come back for more at any time within the two hour period. Yet again, another Castmember will then greet your group and escort you to your table. At this point I highly recommend asking to sit on the far RIGHT (furthest away from Space Mountain) as your view of the fireworks will be less obstructed in that area.

David, aka @coheteboy also had a chance to experience the Skyline Lounge and posted some great photos on his Instagram with recommendations on where NOT to sit (including this area below). Be sure to give him a follow!

Food stand


treats closed

If you have a party of 4 or more, your party will likely be seated at one of their comfy white couches. Smaller parties will usually be seated at a high glass table. Typically, each couch area will seat 8-10 guests, so they will most likely seat you with other guests if you only have 4 in your party. The tables at the couch areas are supplied with an artificial grass pots with complimentary phone chargers dangling from the grass, however, none of the chargers worked for any of the guests in our seating area. They also supply each seating area with 1 game to play and if requested by a guest, the Castmembers will switch the games up for you. Our table included a small Jenga game.

Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience at Disneyland Anaheim

Photo copyright of David Yeh aka @coheteboy on Instagram

stella lou sitting

The Experience Continued. . . .

“KTTHEDISNEYBEAR” enjoyed this experience on May 29, 2017. Give her a follow and view her video of her experience on her Instagram account below:

Once you are seated at your reserved table, you are free to wander around the balcony as you wish. This is a good time to take ample photos of the sunset and Skyline view. Also be sure to take advantage of the all you can drink non-alcoholic beverage station that includes coffee, hot chocolate, tea, water and sodas. You only get one box of treats so take your time munching on those but remember, you only have two hours!

Skyline lounge hot chocolate

Copyright of @not_your_typical_disney

You can also play the game at your table or ask a Castmember to switch it out for you. Check your charging stations, because none of ours worked and they should absolutely be fully charged or someone isn’t doing there job right! Blankets will be handed out to each guest but they write down the numbers on the blanket on your reservation, so if you “steal” you will be charged. Also, pick up a light saber and have fun with it or any other items they might include in your experience.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse make their way around the balcony, greeting each guest and taking photos and perhaps playing Jenga! The thing that really bummed me out was they started from opposite ends during our experience, so only the group in the very middle got to take a photo with the couple together.

skyline lounge fireworks

If you are lucky enough to catch the Disneyland Firework’s show on the night of your visit, I really hope the music pipes in for you! Unfortunately, for us, there was no sound. The sound really pulls the show together, so it was a little upsetting that it didn’t work for us.
Skyline Lounge Blanket


If you have no expectations and never participate in special Disney events, you may really enjoy this short 2 hour experience. For those who have been lucky enough to participate in “free” Annual Passholder events or Disney Parks Blog events, then this $45.00 experience may leave you wondering if you should’ve invested your money into something else. Seeing photos and videos might make you want to pull the trigger and book your reservation, because I agree, it looks really neat, and by all means Do So! But don’t expect more than what is listed on the reservation menu for this event. If you are easily pleased and appreciate the little things in life, you will love this experience. Be sure to include great company!

All in all, my experience wasn’t a horrible one, I just had a few unfortunate hick-ups. I think with a few minor changes and tweaks, this can actually be a much more enjoyable event. I would say, if $45.00 isn’t going to put you in debt, give it a try! Depending on the night of week your reservation is for, you may or may not get to view the fireworks, so I say to expect to not be able to view them – in case the weather doesn’t permit it – that way, if it plays, you’ll appreciate it more!

My Recommendations for a Better Experience

Disney can ABSOLUTELY step up their game and make a few simple changes that will really add to the guests experience. These are my personal recommendations that who knows, may or may never get added on to this experience:

  1. DIFFERENT FOOD – We witnessed many guests (including us) throw away half of their food box items. Disney needs to add MORE crackers to the crackers and cheese sections – 3 is just not enough! Adding popcorn would be the PERFECT addition and we hope they bring it on board in the future. Even adding filling food like Corn Dogs, Pizza from Pizza Port or anything else around the park would really entice people to actually eat their food.
  2. ALCOHOL – I mean, I get it, the only place at Disneyland to get alcohol is inside of Club 33 but why not allow it for this type of event as well?
  3. LONGER EXPERIENCE – Originally I misread and thought it was 8:00-midnight so I figured “Wow! Four whole hours to relax or walk around and come back when you wish!? That’s perfect.” Unfortunately, it is only 2 hours – I recommend extending the hours until the park closes then guests don’t have to feel so rushed and can truly relax and take in the ambiance.
  4. WORKING SOUND SYSTEM – Some guests have been lucky enough to catch the fireworks show with SOUND piped in through the speakers, but they didn’t work when we watched them. Hopefully they can manage this better for future guests.
  5. WORKING CHARGING STATIONS – Is it that hard to replace the batteries so the charging stations will actually work? Maybe it is. I don’t know.
  6. SPECIAL EVENT ITEM TO PURCHASE – Disney loves money and Disney Guest’s love collecting special Disney Merchandise! So it would be wonderful if they added on a special item that you can only purchase if you are at this experience.
  7. PHOTOPASS PHOTOGRAPHER – This one is HIGH on my list, even though I listed it as number 7. This is the perfect place for the Photopass Photographers to capture amazing, rare photo opportunities so why haven’t they brought one up there yet!?
  8. MICKEY & MINNIE TOGETHER – Along with number 7, if they allowed a special photo op spot for guests to take photos with Mickey and Minnie together and had the Photopass Photographer to capture the photo, guests would LOVE LOVE LOVE the opportunity! I know I would.
  9. If I can think of anything else, or anyone mentions something I forgot to include, I will add to this list. Let’s hope Disney reads this post and perhaps adds a few of these changes!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your own experiences with this event so please comment below. Also be sure to take the Poll below about this experience. Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share it.