If you are anything like me, you probably have a collection of “cute” Disney things that perfectly compliment your Tsum Tsum collection. And like me, you may even have an assortment of merchandise from all of other the fandoms that you simply adore. If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement, read on for info about an aweTSUM store that carries some fantastic merchandise that you will just love!


BoxLunch, sister store to the one and only Hot Topic, offers such a great variety of pop-culture merch. The brand launched in October of 2015, with the first location opening in Brea, California – just minutes away from the Disneyland Resort! Whether you are a just fan of Disney, or if your fandom expands to fantasy, Anime, sports (and more!), you will not leave this store disappointed! BoxLunch stores are beginning to pop up in malls all over the US, with over 50 stores so far! Click HERE to find the store nearest you! But don’t fret if there are no stores in your area, their online store is available worldwide!

Check out just a few of their merchandise options below!

BoxLunch These cute candles (aka PyroPets) are to “die” for. They look adorable on the outside, but melt down into the animal’s skeleton! They are available in many other animals, including cats, reindeers, rabbits and other cute critters!

BoxLunch Represent everyone’s favorite TSUMthing.com creator, Tsum Tsum Marie herself in these darling Marie T’s.

BoxLunch This was one of my favorites – a Baymax wallet that features both of Baymax’s iconic looks.

BoxLunch May the Force be with us all as we decorate with these adorable R2D2 items!

BoxLunchHello Kitty and her other Sanrio friends can be found here as well!

BoxLunch…and Pusheen the adorable cat!

Disney Tsum Tsum

BoxLunchPokemon cuteness! Gotta catch ’em all!

UntitledSome of my personal favorite fandoms; Sailor Moon, TokiDoki, and Rilakkuma.

UntitledThis Finding Dory bag and wallet pairing is just perfect for summer!

BoxLunchOne of BEST things about this great store is that your purchases contribute to a wonderful cause. For every $10 that you spend on merchandise, BoxLunch will help to provide a meal for a person in need. BoxLunch has partnered with Feeding America on behalf of local food banks to make this possible. So far, the store has helped to donate over 6 million meals! This makes the name BoxLunch so relevant to the store!


Not only does this store help people in need, it will also help you save money on all of your fun-filled future fandom finds! (Try saying that 5 times fast!) By joining the BoxLunch Money program, you can earn a $15 Off coupon for every $30 spent! Not only that, but if you are member of the loyalty program, you will also receive special offers throughout the year, including a $5 Off coupon for your birthday!

So who’s ready to shop, earn rewards, and help feed America? Click the ad below to start browsing BoxLunch’s online store!