Tsum Tsums in the Garden!

The Tsum Tsums have been waiting all winter for the perfect moment to plant their veggie garden, and with the recent rise in temperature, they finally can!

Follow along with our Tsum Tsum friends as they share their gardening tips and plant their long-awaited and delicious vegetables!

Pooh Bear and Perry the Platypus

First thing is first, the Tsum Tsums have to make sure that the garden is ready to be the home to their vegetable seeds. The Tsum Tsums had a vegetable garden last year, so all they have to do to get the soil ready is to rake and turn it until it’s fluffy again.

Stitch, Pascal and Olaf

Another thing the Tsum Tsums need to do is to pick out any dead leaves, weeds and old plants from the soil to make sure its nice and clean!


Tsum Tsums Gardening 5

After the soil is mixed around, and fluffy again, it’s time for the Tsum Tsums to decide where to plant which vegetables.

Did you know that some vegetables grow better when they’re next to another specific vegetable? In the same way, some vegetables don’t grow very well when they’re next to certain ones.

To make sure that all your vegetables can be friends and grow as big as they can, look up which vegetables you have chosen to grow, and which other plants go well with them.

The Tsum Tsums chose to plant mint this year, which grows well next to tomatoes so they planted them on the far right of the garden next to the tomatoes!

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Disney Tsum Tsum

Tsum Tsums Gardening 4

The next thing the Tsum Tsums have to do is the messy part so be sure that you’re not wearing your nicest clothes!

It’s time to plant the seeds!

Read the back of the package of each seed packet to see how deep those seeds like to be in the ground. Usually, vegetables like to be about 2.5 inches down, but sometimes, they grow better when planted deeper.

After finding out what depth the hole should be, plant the vegetables one type at time, making sure to not press the dirt too tightly after covering them.

After you plant each one, put some kind of label in front of them so you can remember which vegetable is where. If you don’t have time to make a label, (I like to use wooden spoons with little doodles of the vegetable on it) you can just stick the empty seed packet in the soil!

Bambi Gardening

If you’re planting vegetables that are already partially grown, dig a hole a little deeper than the height of the container it’s already in.

To help make the change of environment a bit easier on the plant, gently tear the roots that are at the very bottom before burying them so that they regrow into the new soil.

Tsum Tsums Gardening 1

If you don’t have room or time for a veggie garden but you still want to have one, look up vegetables that grow well in pots!

The Tsum Tsums decided to plant chives in a pot this year. All you need is to do a little research to find the right size container then buy some seeds and some potting soil!

You could even decorate the pot with paint, stickers or anything else you can think of!

After all of your vegetables are planted, give everything some water to begin the growing process, and watch your garden flourish!

The Tsum Tsums hope you had fun gardening with them!

Tell us what your favorite vegetable is down below!

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