10 Star Wars Fun Facts

May the 4th be with you!

Today is May 4th, the day in which Star Wars fans address each other with an extra special greeting, and many have declared it the “official” Star Wars Day. We here at TSUMthing love Star Wars, and would hate to let the opportunity to celebrate this fantastic, pop-cultural phenomenon that has had fans believing in the force for decades. So without further ado, enjoy these 10 Star Wars Fun Facts that may be new to you! And of course, May the 4th be with you!

1. The Star Wars universe contains a multitude of alien races, and thus a multitude of languages as well. The most common language in the Star Wars universe is written in the Aurebesh Alphabet. Try spelling your name with this fun, alien alphabet!



2. The creators of the Star Wars films had to get quite imaginative in how they came up with some of the sound effects for this unique new universe. Take a look at some of these original combinations of sounds:

Darth Vader’s iconic breathing: microphone inside of a scuba tank
Chewbacca: lion, bear, walrus, and badger noises combined together
Lightsaber: idling of movie projector motor with interference from a television
TIE Fighter: elephant shriek combined with car passing by on wet pavement
Darth Vader’s Pod Door Closing: a whole block of jail cell doors slamming at once



3. You may be surprised to learn that the Cantina music in The Force Awakens was written by none other than Broadway composer, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda has joined the Disney family in also composing the music for the Walt Disney Animated Feature, Moana!




4. One of the original concepts for the Star Wars story was George Lucas’ idea of casting a female as the lead. This female character would stand in the place of Luke Skywalker (who at the time, was named Starkiller). The plan was to have this character be a young girl living a simple life on a desert planet, who dreamed of traveling the galaxy. This girl would then go on to fall in love with the rugged scoundrel, Han Solo. This idea was scrapped of course, but you can’t help but notice a parallel between Luke’s story (and his original story as a female) and the protagonist of the new Star Wars generation, Rey.



5. If you are familiar with German or Dutch, you would know that the word “Vader” translates to “Father.” Yet, Star Wars fans across the globe were still shocked when Darth Vader uttered the famous line “I am your father,” and revealed himself as Luke’s father in The Empire Strikes Back. During the filming of the groundbreaking scene, not a person on set with the exception of Mark Hammill aka Luke, knew the secret. The script was even disguised to read “Obi-wan killed your father!” and the entire cast and crew believed it (with the exclusion of Hammill and Lucas of course!)



6. In the three Star Wars prequels, Yoda was almost played by a monkey! It was quickly determined that a monkey would not keep the Yoda costume on during shooting, and thus a CG Yoda was used instead. Frank Oz was the original voice of Yoda, and also returned to voice the character in the prequels. You may be surprised to know which other famous characters Mr. Oz has brought to life with his voice… this long list includes the one and only Miss Piggy and several other Muppets like Fozzy Bear and Sam the Eagle!



7. Princess Leia is arguably most well known for her incredibly unique hairstyles, especially the one that resembles a pair of cinnamon-buns. But where did this crazy hair-do come from? George Lucas wanted Leia to have a very specific look, and he was inspired by the soldaderas, the fighting women of turn-of-the-century Mexico. He was quoted saying that he wanted Leia to have “a Southwestern Pancho Villa woman revolutionary look.” And thus, the cinnamon-bun hairstyle was created.



8. Han Solo was originally imagined as a green skinned, gilled alien. His role would have been much less significant in this form as he was simply to be an undercover agent instead the smuggling rascal we know today. Lucas decided to make him a human so he could have a closer relationship with Luke and Leia, and instead Chewbacca was created as the “alien sidekick.”


Disney Tsum Tsum


9. Chewbacca’s design was inspired by George Lucas’ beloved pet, Indiana, an Alaskan Malamute. This same dog was also the inspiration for the name of one of Lucas’ later characters and trilogies, Indiana Jones.



10. Chewbacca was not the only character inspired by a dog, however. A Brussels Griffin dog, which belonged to the Lucas family, ultimately inspired the Ewok race’s appearance. It is said that the Ewoks were originally created to meet merchandising needs. The first two Star Wars films did not include enough “kid-friendly” creatures to create toys of, according to the film production studio. The Ewoks most certainly brought a touch of cute and cuddly to the Star Wars universe and its merchandise as well!


We hope you enjoyed these interesting Star Wars facts! Share your new Star Wars knowledge with someone on this Star Wars Day!