Oh. Em. Goodness!! As any Disney fan using social media would tell you, last week was Spring Dapper Day in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  And from what I’ve seen on Instagram, everyone was KILLING IT!  Dapper Day is a semi-annual event that was completely started by guests that decided to start coming to the parks in their snazziest outfits or their “Sunday best,” an idea popularized in the 1950s.

While most Dapper guests keep their style pretty vintage looking (which looks great on Main Street), this year fans took Disneybounding to a whole ‘nother level!  Let’s  take a look at some of my personal favorites:

Take a look at this adorable pair of love bugs! @phyllisherman and @jurassicsteven attended Disneyland’s Dapper Day as chic versions of Francis and Heimlich from A Bug’s Life! Totally impressive, I mean look at those candy corn pins on his vest… SO CREATIVE!

Then there’s @tenaciousbeezy as your friend who loves to play- BING BONG, BING BONG! The hair, the socks, the petticoat, THE TAIL! Every piece is perfection in this look! I’m willing to bet she even smelled like cotton candy, that’s dedication people!!

Another couple, @sasakitime and @krisnick16, went to Disneyland as Carl and Ellie from Up, and everything about their outfits were totally sweet! Their parasols (made by @cali_angel_17 and @bewareofninjaetsy) were even themed! She also had a purse that looked like the mailbox they paint together in the beginning of the film… Oh no, here come the TEARS!!

I also have to share this couple, @b_the_magic and @rahygray, posing at Disney World’s Contemporary Resort, who came to Dapper Day Disneybounding as Lady and the Tramp. I love how every little detail matches the design on the characters so perfectly. I mean, they found a bow tie and necklace that PERFECTLY match the color of the dog’s collars! All the points to these two!

Oh! And people don’t just theme their outfits in pairs… Oh, no, no, no… People come in groups… Large groups! And they make sure no character gets left behind!

Take a look at this group known on Instagram as the @santolimones, they are four best friends that venture the parks together and look good doing so! Especially with this Inside Out inspired ensemble! Here we see @gamerchick1991 as Sadness, @idkkatelynn as Disgust, @galactic_ac3 as Anger, and @ashlette.disney as Joy inside Riley’s mind, which can be visited at Epcot.

Okay, now prepare yourself for this next group because they are BEYOND impressive… I can’t even begin to imagine the work that went into these costumes…

At first I had only found this photo of @amandanlyons when searching through the Dapper Day hashtag on Instagram and I was totally blown away by that starfish bow!

But then after contacting her, she was ever so kind to send me their group pic! Not only did they dress as every character from The Little Mermaid but they also covered every character from GREASE! A perfect combination if you ask me!

Here’s a picture of the whole gang posing outside of Prince Eric’s castle in New Fantasyland! This one was posted by @ashmichc18 who is on the right as Ursula/Rizzo. I just love everything about this. Sebastian and Flounder as cheerleaders, the eels, Flotsam and Jetsam as Pink Ladies! Perfection! All the kudos ya’ll!

Of course, people didn’t just come to Dapper Day dressed as characters from MOVIES… Oh, it got much more creative than that…

For example, here’s @incindysshoes as a polished Cast Member from the old Epcot ride Horizons! Even when a ride no longer exists, its legend lives on, thanks to the ingenious fans Disney has! I love how she decided to pose in front of Spaceship Earth’s #blueberrywall, the perfect backdrop to that outfit!

Back at Disneyland, guests decided to dress as actual attractions themselves!

How CUUUUTE is @areynaschmidt as the Small World facade… Also, can we talk about how much I NEED that purse?!?! Please SOMEONE provide me with a link to it! Lol.

Disneyland goer, @cookiealacarte was inspired by the Tiki Room, or more specifically, the original Tiki Room’s Barker Bird, who would announce the next showtime to passers by back in the 1960s.

Then there’s @sushizzy who pretty much WINS Dapper Day in my book. She literally Disneybounded as one of my all time FAVORITE Disneyland treats, the Mint Julep found in New Orleans Square! Check out that headpiece, its even got cherries on top! Absolutely darling!

Disney Tsum Tsum

Getting the perfect Dapper Day photo for social media isn’t just about the outfit itself… No, its much more complicated. As you probably noticed from the images above, these dapper folks have also strategized exactly where they should pose for their photos either based on who they’re dressed as or what era their outfit belongs in.

For example @supreme.skeleton.queen decided to pose as Maui in a jungle setting near the entrance of Disneyland’s Adventureland. That vegetation really goes with her grass skirt, not to mention those tattoos! Love this outfit!

Another great photo idea is to meet the character you dressed as, like the group from Inside Out mentioned earlier.

I mean the ONLY thing better than Nick Wilde is TWO Nick Wildes!! Here’s a photo of @feetloose posted by @tnydnsr75 who both did a great job of recreating Zootopia’s finest with a dapper twist! Definitely check out her profile for more!

There’s plenty of opportunity for the perfect Dapper Day photo at Epcot’s World Showcase, like @princessdani89 here who managed to get this perfectly magical silhouette overlooking Spaceship Earth.

And how cute is @madelinedisney dressed as Pinocchio in the German Pavillion?!  An area that looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale!

Another great place to capture the perfect shot in the World Showcase would have to be the Tea Garden found in the United Kingdom! Here’s a classy photo of @lisapizza93 that pretty much embodies the idea of what Dapper Day is supposed to be!

Obviously, if you’ve ever been to Disney’s Hollywood Studios you know that anyone dressed up as snazzy as @vintage_pip would fit right in at this park! I love her Blue Fairy Disneybound look and the fact that she found some vintage art within the park rocking her same hairstyle! So many Instagram goals in one picture!

The great thing about Disney Parks catching on to the Dapper Day event is the fact that they help guests create the perfect photo ops!

For example, they have the cars of Main Street parked for guests to climb in and pretend they’re driving. Here’s a great shot of @michelle_tyus and her Princess and the Frog ensemble taking over a Main Street jitney!

I also love this shot of @ty_leach with his boyfriend @yourpaltyler (aka #tylersquared) and their friends @omgchimmers, @moviebun, and @dudley_dolittle taking the Main Street Fire Engine out for a spin!

Another popular Dapper Day shot over at Disneyland is on the Mark Twain Riverboat. I LOVE how @francheezy24_7 was able to get the Matterhorn in the background of this photo…and how perfect is her Ursula Disneybound?!

Last, but certainly not least is @victoriaeverafter as Yzma, this one was also taken on the Mark Twain and captured by @we.are.venom_. I absolutely ADORE that llama potion choker she’s wearing made by @fanflaire!

Maybe by this Fall I’ll finally get a Dapper Day outfit together myself and I hope these fantastic photos have inspired our readers to make it to the parks for Dapper Day themselves!

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to all you Disneybounders, Cosplayers, and just all around Dapper guys and gals for allowing me to use your Instagram pictures to write this article! I am completely blown away by each and every one of you!

Now, we want to know what YOU think…