If you’re unfamiliar with the term “Disneybounding,” it means dressing like your favorite Disney characters by using what you already have in your wardrobe. This became popular when adults wanted to start dressing up to go to the Disney Parks the same way that little girls wear the gowns of their favorite princesses. The thing is… unless it’s Halloween, Disney won’t let adults into parks fully dressed as characters, as it would cause confusion- like a line forming to get a dressed-up guest’s autograph. Creative people work around this rule though, by putting together outfits using the colors and patterns their favorite Disney characters wear. It’s not as difficult as you might think and you probably already own a few pieces you can put together into a Disneybound. Here’s a few simple Disneybound outfits I found in my closet that I think anyone can pull off!

Let’s start with the classics! I already feel like Mickey Mouse whenever I wear red shorts, and with a black crop or tank top it’s like I’ve become the Big Cheese himself! With a blue button up and a pair of white pants or shorts you’ll resemble an adorable Donald Duck. Both of these outfits should be worn with some type of yellow shoes of course, if you have them.


Here’s one that was SUPER popular last year when I went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. If your wardrobe has a variety of pastels, this one’s for you. A pink top with pastel purple shorts or leggings and some simple white shoes will give you the look of Boo from Monsters Inc! Don’t forget the pigtails!


Dressing as Boo is a perfect Disneybound to get your significant other involved too! They can wear either blue (for Sulley) or green (for Mike) with the classic Monsters University hat.


Speaking of monsters… I feel like everyone has SOMETHING with black and white stripes… Pair that with some torn, black skinny jeans and feel like the Pumpkin King! I thought a pair of black boots would look good with this too, and Jack Skellington totally wears heels so feel free to glam up this look.


For a look that’s girly and sweet gather all your whites and pinks to become Marie from The Aristocats! I also chose to add a fluffy hoodie, as anything soft will give the idea of a kitten. I’ve seen girls tie pink ribbons around their necks for this Disneybound which is really cute. You’ll definitely have to incorporate a pink bow somewhere into the outfit and I’d also recommend pearls.


If you’re brave enough, you can wear ALL YOUR PINK to look like Piglet! Is there really such thing as too much pink?


For my last look I turned to a Disney Channel show I grew up with, Kim Possible. I’ve seen this Disneybound pulled off really well in the parks and having naturally red hair with this one will benefit you for sure! Green cargo pants are super popular and easy to find, wear them with a black crop top and some boots and you’ll have “Call Me, Beep Me” stuck in your head all day!