Welcome to Tsum Tsum Tuesday

Disney Tsum Tsum


It’s that time again! Yay for Tsum Tsum Tuesday! With the temperatures outside rising, and the flowers blooming, it’s almost beginning to feel like summer! To add to this feeling, Disney is releasing a group of Tsum Tsums called the Vacation Collection!

Looking at the pictures that have been released, it seems that Disney has taken some of their classic characters, and turned them into all of our tropical vacation dreams! Not only does this set make me want to walk along a beach, but it also makes me want to add each of them to my growing wall of Tsum Tsums.

Vacation Collection Tsum Tsums

Copyright: Disney

This set includes:

  • Chip dressed as a yummy, and fuzzy coconut
  • Dale fashioned into a golden pineapple, complete with a leafy top
  • Daisy Duck wearing a pretty pink swimming cap, looking like she’s about to perform synchronized swimming
  • Minnie Mouse, ready to go snorkeling in her pink swimming goggles
  • Donald Duck as a surfer
  • Mickey Mouse prepared to go scuba diving, carrying his oxygen tank, sporting a yellow mask, and wearing a snorkel (complete with bubbles!)
  • Goofy carrying the cutest flotation device in the form of a yellow duck that rests on his back
  • Dumbo wearing a floral shirt and porting around a camera in the traditional tourist stereotype

This collection of eight is by far one of the most creative Tsum Tsum collections to be released so far! The detail paid to each Tsum Tsums costume and design elevates the classic characters to something even the occasional fan can’t avoid!

But wait, I haven’t even told you the most exciting part yet… they’re scented!

I am beyond excited to decorate my house with these cute little reminders of bright sunshine, clear water and sand in between toes! Disney has really outdone themselves this time!

Disney Tsum Tsum