By now, most Disney fans have experienced or at least know about the Food and Wine Festival held at Disney’s California Adventure and EPCOT.  While it is fun to try drinks and cuisine from countries around the world, I honestly prefer the Springtime celebration held in Epcot called the Flower and Garden Festival.


Booths are still set up with food and drinks representing various countries around the world.  You can also find topiaries of some of your favorite Disney characters, colorful flowerbeds and gardens, as well as a butterfly exhibit. So, scroll on as the Tsums and I take you on a tour around Epcot’s World Showcase, with a focus on these floral exhibits.
The few times I’ve gone this year I’ve found myself starting in Canada, and I think that’s because my favorite topiary of all can be found there! Bambi, Thumper, and Flower have a colorful display that just screams “Springtime.” Oh and it also screams “ADORABLE!”  I love the way they have these three set up together, like they’re taking a moment from frolicking in the forest to rest in this vibrant flower bed.


Next up is the UK, which is home to many a Disney character.  Topiaries here include our friends from the Hundred Acre Wood as well as Neverland.  You can also have a meet and greet with Alice and Mary Poppins in the tea garden… OR make a stop at the Rose and Crown Pub (which I REALLY recommend if you haven’t done so already).


Disney Tsum Tsum

Then it’s off to France where you’ll find what is probably the most popular topiary this year, and that’s none other than Beauty and the Beast themselves… You can also find five foot tall versions of topiary Cogsworth and Lumiere in this pavilion.  While still in France, you can pick up the pink slushy you’ll see many people carrying around during your visit.  It’s called “La Vie en Rose Pink Slush,” and it’s like drinking candy…with alcohol… Mmmmmm….

cheshireuseI mean look at the Cheshire Cat’s grin! Good stuff.

After France you’ll be making your way into Morocco which surprisingly didn’t have any topiaries at all… It was a little sad, I mean there could’ve been Genie from Aladdin or something… But you can at least pick up some Merguez sausage, falafel, or baklava at the Taste of Marrakesh booth here. Next is Japan,  where I didn’t see any topiaries either but I did find a Figment egg (seen above) in a Bansai tree exhibit after picking up some Ahi Tuna Poke at the Hanami booth.  The eggs are hidden REALLY well this year and you can keep track of them all on the “EGG-stravaganza” map sold at the park for about $5, which can be filled out and turned in for a prize.  Great activity for little ones while Mommy and Daddy enjoy the finer side of Epcot.

One pavilion that’s always popular during these food festivals is up next… and that’s ‘Merica.  As we are known for our fine taste in the exotic cuisine of barbecue, the American pavilion’s booth features everyone’s smokehouse favorites.  It’s actually called “The Smokehouse: Barbecue and Brews” and you’ll find topiary Woody out front tipping his hat at you.


Topiaries of the Lady and the Tramp can be found on your way to the Italian pavilion…because… Well, they eat spaghetti, I guess. All jokes aside, I love the placement of these two because of the background they’re framed with.  Perfect photo spot!  Another great shot was nearby in Germany where you can find Snow White leading the Seven Dwarfs in dance.



Next you’ll see the African Outpost where you’ll find familiar faces from The Lion King hanging out…in plant form.  Tsum Tsum Simba felt right at home there.


simbause Feels just like Pride Rock.

After that you’ll cross a bridge (which they lift to bring in the globe for Illuminations) and be in China.  Tsum Tsum Hei Hei loved it here as they were celebrating the Year of the Rooster… But look out for “succulent-breathing” dragons….


What was once the most abandoned pavilion in the World Showcase is now the most crowded of all with the addition of the new Frozen ride, which I finally waited in line for by the way… And I will report that it was worth it.  The animatronics are AMAZING! I could’ve sworn they were real people, real reindeer, and REAL talking snowmen!  Tsum Tsum Sven got a nice shot in front of the Anna and Elsa topiaries which are right outside of their meet and greet building- also a long wait.


That leaves us with Mexico, where I always love to end my tour with a little boat ride hosted by the Three Caballeros and grabbing some chips, guac, and margaritas in La Cava de Tequila… That’s right, a tequila cave, the real reason we all love the World Showcase.


Connecting the Showcase back to Futureworld there are some pretty popular booths including the Pineapple Promenade, and the NEW Berry Basket, which was just added this year!  Continue to explore Futureworld East and West for more topiaries!  In case the line is too long to get a photo with the Mickey scene at the front of the park, there’s a great display to the left of Mission Space where you can take close-ups of Mickey and the gang.  Near the Land building (in which Soarin’ Around the World is located) you will find fabulous displays of characters from Fantasia, even Sorcerer Mickey!


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