Top 5 Plot-holes Fixed by the New Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is one of those movies that everyone knows and loves. Every person I knew growing up wanted a yellow ballgown, and to read on the edge of a fountain. The amount of times I started singing Bonjour! in French class should have been illegal, and when I went to France, I was disappointed by the lack of singing dishes.

Despite all these things though, nothing is perfect. Every movie has it’s flaws and Beauty and the Beast is no exception.

Fortunately, Disney was given a second chance to perfect this classic with the 2017 live-action remake, and my goodness did they do their research!

Here are my top 5 plot-holes fixed by the new and improved Beauty and the Beast!

Warning: Spoilers are ahead for both versions of the movie!

1. 10 Year old Prince

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If you’ve watched Beauty and the Beast as many times as I have, you might have noticed that something is a little off about Prince Adam’s age.

The narrator at the beginning of the animated movie explains that the curse must be broken before his 21st birthday or he will remain a beast forever. That seems fine until later on during the song, Be Our Guest, Lumiere sings, “Ten years we’ve been rusting, needing so much more than dusting.” If we do the math, and assume that the Beast is now 20, that means that the prince would have been 10 years old when the curse was put on him!

There are two problems with this. The first one is a moral problem. If 10 year old prince Adam got a curse put on him for refusing to let a stranger into his house, that seems a little bit unfair. Maybe he was just told not to let strangers into the house when his parents weren’t at home (which they truly didn’t seem to be!)

The second problem is more of a technical one. Looking at the portrait of Prince Adam that the Beast slashes with his claws, it’s hard to believe that that is a painting of a ten year old boy. Unless the painter could see into the future, or prince Adam was born with a manly jawline, I think this was a mistake.

How did they solve it?

The new Beauty and the Beast opens on the royal family hosting a ball. The prince does not look younger than 17, and there seem to be many strangers in his house, so one more doesn’t seem like it should inconvenience them at all. This also explains the mature looking painting.

To further fix this timeline issue, Lumiere’s previously mentioned line in Be Our Guest changed to, “For so long we’ve been rusting, needing so much more than dusting.”

Cleverly done, Disney.

2. Castle? What castle?

beauty and the beast castle

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In the beloved original, the Beast’s castle is hidden down a creepy path in a forest. While I understand that Belle’s village is a small provincial town, and that the forest covers the castle to some extent, I still always found it quite strange that no one has ever heard of or seen this castle.

Before the town has their little Kill the Beast” moment, no one knew he existed, or that the giant castle was even there! I assume that the staff who were turned into inanimate objects lived in the village at sometime, and probably had family who lived there as well. Assuming this though, when they disappeared for ten years, no one really batted an eye!

This isn’t even to mention the fact that during the song, Bonjour! its spring time, then as characters get closer to the castle it turns to winter. I guess no one in the village found that strange either (or they just didn’t travel much.)

How did they solve it?

The writers of the live-action version noticed this as well, and they ran with the idea, making the whole phenomenon a part of the curse!

In the beginning of the narration, it is explained that part of the curse was that none of the people remembered the castle or the royal family, and that an eternal winter would be placed upon the royal grounds.

The movie went even more in depth with this as people in the village would sometimes feel like they were forgetting something important (such as family members), and when they went to kill the Beast, many villagers looked around as if they were having a case of deja-vu!

3. “Where are you off to?” “The Bookshop!”

beauty and the beast bookshop

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I think since seeing Belle slide across a bookshelf on a moving ladder, everyone has wanted to try it, but was the book shop in Beauty and the Beast really realistic?

Studying the looks that Belle receives while walking through her town with a book, its easy to see that part of the reason people think that she’s a “funny girl” is because she reads. No one at all seems interested in this useful hobby, so why is it that this bookshop still remains open?

If Belle and the owner himself are the only customers, how is that owner putting dinner on the table? Not to mention the fact that Belle isn’t paying for any of the books in this book store, but instead, using the shop as a library! In fact, the owner even gives Belle one of the books to keep, which, while a nice gesture, doesn’t pay the bills.

How did they solve it?

In the live-action version, Belle seems to be borrowing books from someone who just happens to have more books than all the other townsfolk. This makes much more sense as literature was not readily available to anyone but wealthy people in the time when Beauty and the Beast takes place.

Speaking of wealthy people, this humble pile of books that Belle is re-reading makes the Beast’s library even more wondrous and magical when she sees it. As someone who wishes she could live in a bookstore, I could only imagine how amazing walking into that room must have been for the character of Belle!

4. Belle’s Super Strength

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After a guy saves you from being eaten by wolves, it’s pretty hard to leave him behind when he’s injured. Animated Belle found this out when Beast did just that, so she threw him on top of Phillipe the horse, and took him back to the castle. But there’s one slight problem. How did Belle manage to get him on the horse?! I didn’t think she was a body builder, but apparently she’s hiding her talents!

Sarcasm aside, the original movie conveniently skips over the lifting of Beast, and cuts to him unconscious on top of the horse. It’s not really a plot hole, but still something I’ve wondered about for quite awhile.

How did they solve it?

This was quite a simple fix for the live-action plot fixers. All that was added was a single line, and everything made sense.

After the wolves run off, and the Beast collapses, Belle bends down next to him and says, “You have to help me, you have to stand up” Beast responds by weakly walking over to Phillipe with Belle supporting a little bit of his weight.

All these years wondering, and a single line has answered my question.

5. Magic Technicalities

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The Beauty and Beast features one of the sweetest, and most traditional endings. It has an overlaying theme that says, “love is greater than death”. The only problem is, it doesn’t make as much sense as you would hope.

In the animated version, the Beast passes away before the last petal on the rose falls. Right before it does, Belle whispers to him that she loves him. If the curse were to be lifted according to the rules, the Beast and his staff would have transformed back into their human forms, but the Beast still would have been dead. Nothing about the curse really mentioned that the love would be able to bring him back to life.

Of course, I’m not complaining about this as it would be a horrible ending to just kill the Beast, but the magic technicalities are an itsy bit tangled up.

How did they solve it?

In the live-action version, the last rose petal falls before Belle says that she loves the Beast. This, however is not a problem because the enchantress comes in to pick up her glass container just as Belle does say it. Upon hearing it, the enchantress looks surprised, and sympathetic to the situation so she uses her magic to not only transform the Beast, but also to bring him back to life.

So technically, Belle’s love for Beast did still save him, but this time, it made much more sense!


Did you catch any other plot-holes that the new version of Beauty and the Beast solved? Let us know in the comments down below!



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