DIY Tsum Tsum Easter Basket

Today marks the last day of March and I already feel as if this year is flying by. With April practically here, Easter is right around the corner, which means creating some aweTSUM Easter baskets! I figured I would post this a couple of weeks prior to Easter since right now Easter items seem to be in abundance, and the longer you wait the harder it gets to find items. This basket would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves anything cute, Disney or Tsum Tsum related! Plus for the amount of money you spend, you can get a good amount of items.

Let’s Get Started 

What you will need:

  • a basket
  • filler grass
  • and super cute goodies!

Though the basket is essentially simple, here’s a list of some items that I thought would work well in the basket.

Easter Tsum Tsums

How cute are these Tsum Tsums! I found these two at Toys R Us, but I believe you may also find them at Target. These plushies are the mini sized ones and are perfect additions to any Easter basket.

Disney Tsum Tsum

Easter Eggs

Is it really an Easter basket without Easter eggs? These Easter eggs can be found at Walmart. Pictured above are two examples of Disney eggs that I found. The red one is filled with 40 Tsum Tsum tattoos.

The pink and blue ones are filled with collectibles. I don’t know if you guys have seen these eggs before, but I just discovered them recently. These are called D-Lectables, and are comparable to a blind bag.

Each egg comes with a full ice cream cone, a collector’s guide, and an extra piece to build one that can only be built through the extra pieces that are collected. Each ice cream cone represents a Disney character. In the picture above the characters that I have collected so far (from left to right) are Dumbo, Mulan, and Stitch. Also shown is examples of the extra pieces and the collector’s guide. I think that it is such a cute idea to represent different Disney characters with different ice cream cones!

Some Tsum Tsum Goodies

The series 5 Pastel Parade Tsum Tsum vinyls by Jakks Pacific fit right into any Easter theme, along with the series 5 mystery pack and Dory Lip Smacker. These items would be perfect to complete any basket.

Easter Eggs Continued

Empty Easter eggs are a fun addition because you can put anything you want inside of them for a little surprise! In the picture above, I placed my Pastel Parade Mickey and Minnie Mouse inside the eggs. You can put whatever you want inside like any extra vinyl Tsum Tsums you may have.

Disney Tsum Tsum


What Easter basket is complete without candy! Personally I love anything chocolate so naturally, I had to pick up some Cadbury eggs. Adding candy is a quick and easy way to add some yummy variety to the basket.

Hope you got inspired to make your own DIY Tsum Tsum basket! If you like the items featured in this post, make sure to follow @tsumthing_kristen on Instagram for an upcoming Easter basket giveaway.

What’s your favorite seasonal candy? Leave a comment down below!

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