Knott’s Berry Farm 2017 Dining Plans and MORE!

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Whether you’re a Southern California local or a tourist visiting the area, there is a huge chance that you’ve heard of the famousKnott’s Berry Farm Theme Park located in Buena Park, California. Part of 160 acres, Knott’s Berry Farm is known as America’s first theme park and is the 12th most visited amusement park in the USA. Only a few miles away from the Disneyland Resort, Knott’s Berry Farm sits on a much smaller piece of land hosting a recently renovated 320-room Snoopy themed hotel, restaurants, shops, an amusement park and a summer water park called Knott’s Soak City, USA.

The Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, which has owned Knott’s Berry Farm since 1997, has been implementing some well valued changes over the past few years that have proved rather popular for many season pass holders. The 2017 “All Season Dining Plan” along with the “All Season Souvenir Bottle” plans are the most popular additions yet and we will tell you why you should consider adding these onto your season pass. There is even an All DAY Dining Plan for single day passes!

Knotts Berry Farm

What are the “All Season Dining” & “All Day Dining” plans and how do they work?

The “All Season Dining Plan” is an add on option for Purple, Gold or Platinum Season Pass holders.


  • Purple OR Gold Pass Holders = $109.00 extra
  • Platinum Pass Holders = $138.00 extra

Knotts Berry Farm All Day Dining Plan

The “All Day Dining Plan” is for the single day tickets and must be purchased individually per guest, per day.


  • $31.99 extra per day/per ticket

FOR THE “ALL SEASON” DINING PLAN: After adding this option to your Season Pass, simply present your Season Pass at one of many participating locations throughout the parks (includes both Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City for Purple & Gold and ALL Cedar Fair Parks for Platinum) and enjoy 1 lunch and 1 dinner each day that the parks are open in 2017. You can receive 2 meals a day, which each meal includes an entree and a side dish, with 4 hour intervals between the 2 meals. Beverages are not included with the Dining Plan, however, they offer two different Souvenir Bottle programs, which can be found below.

FOR THE “ALL DAY” DINING PLAN: For guests with single day passes, the “All Day Dining Plan” allows for 1 meal (includes 1 entree and 1 side) every 90 minutes for the entire time you are at the park for 1 full visit. So if you are at the park for 6 full hours, you can essentially claim 4 meals. This plan is also an ADD ON option that can be added to any single day ticket.

[To see the most UPDATED Participating Locations & Meal Choices, keep scrolling!]

What are the Different Refillable Souvenir Bottle Plans?

Knotts Berry Farm Souvenir Bottle

Enjoy refreshing Coca-Cola beverages all day long from January 1, 2017-December 31, 2017 with two different options.

OPTION 1: All Season Souvenir Bottle:

With this option, you get FREE refills all day, every day during the normal hours of operation, when you bring your “All Season Souvenir Bottle” with you.

COST = $29.99 extra

OPTION 2: Souvenir Bottle:

Receive refills in your Souvenir Bottle for $1.00 each refill during normal hours of operation for the entire 2017 Season.

COST = $10.99

If you plan on visiting the park more than 20 times during the 2017 Season or plan on sharing, then we suggest going for “Option 1.” If you are only planning on visiting a handful of times, then the most cost effective choice for you would be “Option 2.” Please note, if you misplace or break your Souvenir bottle and want a replacement, you will be required to purchase another one.

Are the Dining Plan & Souvenir Bottle Programs REALLY Worth it?

The answer to this question varies case by case. Yes, amusement park food isn’t generally “health foods” by any means, so if you are on a diet or eat very healthy, then the Dining Plans might not be the best choice for you. Each of the meals average $14.99 if you were to purchase them at the restaurants, therefore, if you plan on eating 1 meal at Knott’s at least 8-10 different times throughout 2017, then it might be a smart idea to invest in the Meal Plan. For under $150.00 per person, you can essentially go to the park every single day (when they are open of course – they sometimes close for inclement weather) and get even just 1 meal and 1 refill and save a ton of money on groceries. Though, your gut might not be too happy about that, but who’s to judge?!

Different food from CANTINA in Fiesta Village

1/4 BBQ Chicken, Ribs and Corn from FIREMANS BBQ in Ghost Town

Teriyaki Chicken & Rice at PANDA EXPRESS in Ghost Town

Disney Store

What are the Different Meal Selections with the Dining Plan?

I’m glad you asked! As of Monday, March 20, 2017, there have been MORE options added to the Dining Plan menus!

At this current time, there are approximately 13 dining locations participating in the 2017 Dining Plan program with a large array of food choices from Mexican Food, Chinese Food to good ‘ol American BBQ and lots more. See below for a full list of the participating dining locations (and park area) and their available meal choices for the “Dining Plan.” This list is current and up to date as of  March 24, 2017. We will update the menu if Knott’s Berry Farm adds on any more options!


Sutter’s Grill


Buffalo Style Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Tenders

Western BBQ Bacon Burger

Caesar Salad and Cheese Bread

Sutter’s Pizza

Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza wedge & side salad

Calico Fry Co.

Carne Asada Fries

Wagon Wheel Pizza

Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza wedge & side salad

Fireman’s BBQ

1/4 BBQ Chicken & 2 Ribs (with baked potato or corn)

1/2 BBQ Chicken (with baked potato or corn)

Jumbo Hot Dog (with bag of chips or coleslaw)

Flank Steak Sandwich (with bag of chips)

Bigfoot Broiler


Foot Long Hot Dog

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Caesar Salad and Cheese Bread

Panda Express

1 Entree and 1 side of choice


Grizzly Creek Lodge


Chicken Tenders

Jumbo Hot Dog

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Mac & Cheese and 1 piece of Fruit

Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza Wedge & Side Salad

Caesar Salad & Cheese Bread


Coaster’s Diner


Double 1/4 Pound Burger

Chicken Tenders

Jumbo Hot Dog

Caesar Salad & Cheese Bread

Hollywood Hits

Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza Wedge & Side Salad



Tostada Salad with Beans and Rice

Grande Burrito with Beans & Rice

Torta Sandwich with Beans & Rice

Two Tacos (chicken or beef) with Beans & Rice

Caesar Salad & Cheese Bread

Panchos Tacos

Two Tacos (chicken, beef or carnitas) with Beans & Rice

Papa Loca

Carne Asada Fries

So Now What?

I don’t know about you, but I am hoping that Knott’s Berry Farm eventually adds on some YUMMY DESSERTS to the All Dining menu because we could all use some of their famous Boysenberry Pies OR Funnel Cakes, right!?

Do YOU have a favorite meal at Knott’s Berry Farm?

Is there a meal that has not been added to the meal plan that YOU hope to see in the future?

Please be sure to let us know in the Comments Below and thanks again for reading!

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