In honor of Easter quickly approaching, I thought it would be a cute idea to show you guys some hidden “easter eggs” throughout some of our most beloved movies. The term “easter egg” refers to the hidden characters throughout various movies. Most, if not every, Disney/Pixar film has an easter egg or two. Often times they are super tricky to find!

To help you on your quest to find all the easter eggs, I have included  5 of my favorite ones:

5 Movies With Easter Eggs

1) Monsters Inc.

When Sully takes Boo back to her room Boo shows her an oddly familiar toy. This toy is Nemo!

2) Lilo and Stitch

In Nani Pelekai’s room, there is a Mulan poster.

3) Hercules

In this scene, the floor is adorned with Scar as a rug.

4) Tarzan

Turk has no ordinary tea set…It’s Mrs. Potts!

5) Frozen

Who knew that Rapunzel and Flynn Rider attended Elsa’s coronation!

I hope you guys enjoyed these 5 Disney Easter Eggs!

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