All seasoned Disney goers know that when planning a trip to a Disney Park you also have to be prepared to wait in LINES, some being over an hour long. Nowadays, thankfully, Disney offers its Fastpass service so that you can do other things while waiting for your turn to ride. There are a few lines I think are worth waiting in and I’m here to share my personal Top 5 Lines to Wait in at Walt Disney World with all of you!

5. Splash Mountain


On days that are especially warm in Florida this is a line that can get pretty long. It’s an area that has so many little details to spot out that it makes the wait feel like a scavenger hunt. You can spot the little homes of the local critters all around you. I really love the part of the line where you get into the mountain itself, the caverns stay nice and cool and there’s that enticing smell of Disney water.

4. Tower of Terror


With the recent closing of Tower of Terror in Anaheim, now super fans will have to travel to the east coast to experience their favorite ride, although there are more overseas. The theme of this attraction is so good that you’ll really think you’ve entered a different dimension known a The Twilight Zone. There are props from the classic show spread throughout the queue area and even more when the ride is over! The creepiest of all would probably have to be Caesar the Dummy which you can catch a glimpse of right before exiting the elevator. At the end of the ride, you can shop your favorite Tower of Terror merchandise selection and if you look closely, you’ll see they brought over some of the ANAHEIM merchandise so it didn’t go to waste!

3. Expedition Everest


Not only does this line fully immerse you within the attractions’ story but it’s also full of knowledge. You can actually learn about the real influence the Yeti has had on the Nepalese culture throughout history. Some may think that Disney made all the props found in line here, but they’re actually authentic, straight from the source. While some elements, such as the totem poles for example, may have been made specifically for the attraction, they were actually crafted by local artisans of the Himalayas.

2. Peter Pan’s Flight


Oh, Peter, the most popular boy in the Magic Kingdom, with what is, unfortunately, one of longest lines in the entire park! Well, Disney finally caught onto that and made Peter his very own interactive queue and I’m happy to report that it is quite adorable. Now when waiting for your enchanted, flying pirate ship to pick you up, you’ll get your own sprinkling of pixie dust as well as visit the Darling children’s nursery. It really makes you feel like you’re right there in the animated film.

1. Haunted Mansion


Another attraction that has had an interactive queue added is my favorite of all, and that’s none other than the Haunted Mansion. There are little games and puzzles, such as the busts (shown above) which include engraved riddles so that guests can solve a series of “who done it” murder mysteries from the beginning of their wait. Behind the bust of the twins (on the other side of that green fence), take a look at the ground and you’ll find the ring of the bride who dwells inside the mansion’s attic. I love that Imagineers added this little touch as there was an urban legend made by guests that the bride’s ring could be found on the path when exiting the ride. THAT ring was actually just remnants of a pole that had been removed. But Imagineers loved this little myth so much that they decided to give fans what they wanted by including a ring in the queue line. While waiting, also make sure to read all the tombstones, as some are silly puns and others dedicated to Disney Legends who worked on creating the original ride.


Oh, and also keep an eye out for the grave of Madame Leota right before you enter the mansion’s doors! She may just be looking right back at you.

What are YOUR favorite lines to wait in from any of the many Disney Parks throughout the globe?

We would love to hear what they are and why in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

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After graduating from San Francisco State University with her BA in Fine Arts, Keila moved to Florida to work at Walt Disney World where she met her boyfriend. She now joins him on his adventures around the world as a travel photographer, but Orlando is still their home base.