In March of 1967, an attraction opened in Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA that was technologically ahead of its time. 50 years later, the classic attraction is as popular as ever and has become a must-see for all park visitors.

This attraction is the Pirates of the Caribbean.

This classic attraction will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year on March 18th. Sadly, this was the last attraction that Walt Disney himself oversaw in the development stages. Walt passed away just a few short months before the opening date of the attraction, but we all know he would have been proud of his accomplishment.

The original attraction has inspired the creation of attractions by the same name in the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and the latest installment at Shanghai Disneyland. The attraction has also inspired five incredibly successful live action films that have earned billions worldwide for the Walt Disney Company.

The attraction was originally designed as a walk-through experience, however after the success of the boat-ride attraction “It’s a small world” at the 1964 World’s Fair, Walt opted to make the attraction a boat ride as well.

Naturally, an attraction this iconic deserves an adorable set of Tsum Tsums! Some of the most iconic characters seen in the attraction can be purchased in Tsum Tsum form at the Pieces of Eight store in Disneyland Park.

Of course, if you don’t have access to a Disney Resort where you can purchase these little guys for yourselves, you should “keep a weather eye out” on, as these Tsums Tums are often available for purchase!

In honor of the attraction’s 50 years, this week the Disneyland Resort has some swashbuckling fun in store for resort visitors and “landlubbers” alike. The festivities begin today, March 16th in New Orleans Square, the home of the beloved attraction. Pirates lovers will find themed entertainment, food and beverage offerings, a “talk-like-a-pirate” game and more! I am most excited to eat and “drink up me hearties, YO HO!” The tropical Jolly Roger Punch, the gold lemon-flavored Lost Treasure Beignets and Golden Churro sound like treats that will keep any pirate coming back for more!

But along with the fun, ye are sure ta be findin’ some TREASURE, matey! Disney Parks will be offering some great anniversary themed merchandise available for purchase- including some Annual Passholder exclusive items. But these shirts and vintage-style pins are Limited Edition releases, so be sure ta get yer grubby hands on them while ya can!

The pillaging and plundering doesn’t stop there! This week, I will be hosting a Pirates of the Caribbean themed Tsum Tsum GIVEAWAY on my Instagram, @tsumthing_jennifer! It is quick and easy to enter the giveaway, but it won’t last long! So sail on over to Instagram for your chance to win!

We hope you have fun celebrating this aweTSUM attraction’s great milestone with us!

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