DIY Disney Inspired Necklaces

If you’re anything like me, you love incorporating Disney into your every day life. Whether that be through key-chains, clothing or accessories, seeing that cute object just makes your day brighter!

Today, I want to show you a simple yet subtle DIY accessory that can be personalized to any character, or movie that you love! Lets get right into it!

WARNING: This DIY project involves needle nose pliers, which, if used improperly, can cause injury. Please be careful, and have an adult help you.

What you need:

  • Twine/fabric string
  • Cord-end caps
  • Attachable clasps
  • Beads of many shapes, sizes and colors
  • Special charms
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Scissors (not pictured)

Step One:

The first step to making any necklace, is to measure the string. I wanted my necklace to reach just under my collar-bone but feel free to make it any size you’d like.

After measuring the string to your liking, use your scissors to cut it, cutting just about a centimeter longer than your measurement.


You can always make the string shorter, but you can’t make it longer. When in doubt, cut it longer.

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Step Two:

Take your cord-end caps, your pliers and your measured and cut string. Because my string was a little thinner than the cord-end cap, I folded it over itself to thicken it.

Put the folded end of the string into the open part of the cap, and hold it in place with your thumb nail. Use your pliers to close the metal cap onto the string as tightly as possible. Only do one side for now.

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Step Three

The next step is the most fun! Decorate your necklace however you like! Here are some examples of some Disney character themed necklaces!


This one is my Mulan necklace. The hair comb charm is perfect to represent the floral hair comb Mulan wears at the beginning of the movie. The color was inspired by the song, Honor To Us All when Mulan’s grandmother sings about the beads of Jade for beauty.

This necklace is inspired by Elsa. There are many ways I could have done this necklace. If I didn’t have the snowflake charm, I would have put a red bead in the middle, and two pink beads on either side of it to represent Elsa’s love melting away a frozen heart.

This necklace is obviously inspired by Ariel. There is a Dinglehopper in the middle of it, just in case you need to brush your hair.

With this necklace, I actually made a mistake. If you look at the other necklaces, the pattern of beads starts to go backwards after the charm in the middle so that both sides end on the same color. With this necklace, I continued the pattern as it was.

If you are covering the whole string in beads, continuing the pattern would look best. But, if you are just putting beads in the center like I have, remember to switch the pattern around so that the two ends are symmetrical.

Finally, I couldn’t resist that mirror charm as it made me think of the enchanted mirror from Beauty and the Beast! The colors in this necklace were inspired by Belle’s beautiful dress and the mirror charm adds that perfect touch!

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Step Four

After your beads are placed how you like them, close the open end off with another cord-end cap. Now that your beads are sealed on, you need a way to put on the necklace.

Attachable clasps attach either in a key-chain ring method, or have a slight split in the middle that you can open up with pliers. I have the ones with a slight split.

Put your clasp onto one side of your necklace, and seal it off by squeezing the ring with your pliers again if needed.

And there you have it! Your very own Disney character necklace!

But wait…

I need your help with something! I have a pretty little shoe charm that would make a lovely Cinderella necklace, but I don’t know what beads to put around it!

Here are all the colors I have. Let me know in the comments down below how I should make my Cinderella necklace, and I’ll put a picture of the final product on Instagram!

Have an awe-tsum day!

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