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NEW! Lip Smacker Star Wars Tsum Tsums

Lip Smacker has done it again! In late 2015-early 2016, we began to see Disney Tsum Tsum’s slowly start to take over the world in all forms from toys and apparel to bedding and lip balms and everything in between. At the end of 2015, Lip Smacker released 4 Tsum Tsum lip balms which included Stitch, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. Since then, many more Disney Tsum Tsum characters have been added to the Lip Smackers collection of stackable lip balms to collect,  stack and display including: Marie, Dumbo, Tigger, Donald Duck, Jack Skellington, Sally, Olaf, Cheshire Cat, Dory, Daisy Duck, Tinkerbell, Chip, Dale, Eeyore and Thumper.

The Force is Strong with Lip Smackers

Lip Smacker has moved into LIGHT SPEED and is taking over the Tsum Tsum GALAXY with 4 Limited Edition Star Wars lip balms!  These adorable Star Wars Tsum Tsum lip balms, which include Yoda, R2D2, Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper,  will be available in April, 2017 at Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, Five Below and Walmart.

[Special VIP Pre-Sale Access Available to Smoochie Club members. See Below.]
star wars tsum tsum lipsmacker

Property of Lip Smacker


For those who like to get things first, you’re in luck! Smoochie Club members will have VIP pre-sale access (via email link) to purchase these Limited Edition lip balms on March 20th (a week before anyone else), but you must be signed up by 3/17.

To sign up for the Lip Smacker Smoochie Club, please visit: http://www.lipsmacker.com/smoochiesignup.



Yoda Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum

Property of Lip Smacker


Flavor: Jedi Master Mint

R2D2 Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum

Property of Lip Smacker


Flavor: R2-D Licious Blueberry

Darth Vader Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum

Property of Lip Smacker

“Darth Vader”

Flavor: Darth Chocolate

Storm Trooper Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum

Property of Lip Smacker

“Storm Trooper”

Flavor: Ice Cream Clone

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