3 Simple, Easy and Fun Ways To Get Ready For St. Patrick’s Day

It’s already March 10th and St. Patricks Day is quickly approaching! Wasn’t it just New Years the other day? I like to celebrate and decorate for each holiday, though sometimes I am not as prepared for each one. For those who want cute ways to add a little Irish cheer without consuming too much time, here are 3 ways to celebrate:

1) Shirts

There are two different ways you could go about this. You can either DIY your own shirts (which is probably the more fun way) or you can do some online shopping like I did. When it comes to any type of Disney shirts, there are always a ton of options. Here are some of my favorites while browsing:

Available online at Macy’s


2) Baking

What’s better than celebrating the day with some yummy treats? Baking is a fun way to let your artistic side show. I decided to bake some aweTSUM mini cupcakes and decorate them with some green frosting and green Tsum Tsums! How cute?

3) Mason Jar Display

Mason jars are an easy way to neatly display items. For this DIY, I collected all of my tsum tsums that were green and/or yellow, and I placed them in a mason jar. I added some detail to the jar by tying a green and gold bow around the base. Once the holiday is over, you can fill the jar back up with whatever tsum tsums you like!

Show us your Disney inspired ways!

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