Disney Tsum Tsum

Vinyl Tsum Tsum Hunting 101

When I first started collecting, I often found myself trying to seek information about where to find vinyl Tsum Tsums; it took me a little while to explore my options. Once I finally established my list of where to go and what to look for, Tsum Tsum hunting became easier. Whether you are a Tsum Tsum veteran or just discovered this aweTSUM world, I have comprised some helpful information about how to be the best Tsum Tsum detective there is!
Disney Tsum Tsum

Let’s begin with the basics:

  • As of right now, there are 5 Series of vinyl Tsum Tsums that are currently out in stores. Most stores that I have been to still carry a good amount of Series 3 and 4. Stores may carry Series 1 and 2, but sometimes they can be a little tricky to find.
  • Each Series has 3 features: a blind bag, a 3 pack and a 9 pack.
  • In each Series, there are some Tsum Tsums that are repeated from earlier Series.

The blind bag consists of a medium vinyl Tsum Tsum along with an accessory that the figure can be displayed with. New to Series 5, each blind bag comes with a collectors guide for the series. There are also other blind bags in the newer Series: Series 4 has the color pop blind bag and Series 5 has the pastel parade blind bag.

The 3 pack consists of a small, medium and large vinyl Tsum Tsums. These various sized figures are all different characters, so in order to complete a stack (small, medium and large figures), you must search for them in the other 3 packs. Series 4 packs contain a mystery medium figure. The 3 pack comes with a collectors guide.

The 9 pack comes with three small, three medium and three large vinyl Tsum Tsums. There is one mystery medium Tsum Tsum in the pack and now in Series 4, there is a small and large mystery Tsum Tsum in the packs. The 9 pack comes with a collectors guide.

Now that we know a little about how each series works, where can we find them?

Here is a list of stores I usually find Tsum Tsums at:

  • Toys R Us
  • Target
  • Michael’s
  • AC Moore
  • Walmart
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Kohl’s
  • Amazon.com

Each store’s inventory is subjective to the store and the area. In my experience, Toys R Us and Target always have the best selection to choose from. They also tend to have the best prices.

Tip: Ask stores when their shipments are. The Toys R Us near me has shipments that come in on Thursdays, although it is unknown what is being shipped, you can always check to see if the Tsum Tsums are freshly stocked!

How can I stay organized while collecting?

Use the collectors guide! The guide shows you what characters are in each series. There are also little boxes to check as you collect. The guide tells you which characters are common, lucky or super lucky. JAKKS Pacific also has a feature on their website (click on the picture below to visit the site) where you can download guides, sort the characters by series or rarity, and much more!

Tip: Keep a little baggy of your different stack guides in your car, backpack, purse, pocket, etc. This way, when you are out and see Tsum Tsums, you know which ones you have already collected and which ones you need.

There’s so many to collect! Is there any way I can save money?

Yes! Always take advantage of coupons that stores have to offer to use towards your purchases. Using coupons help especially at stores where Tsum Tsums are priced higher. Also, some stores have specific sales on them, so make sure to look out for them!

Hope these tips and tricks help you on your Tsum Tsum adventures!

And remember, you can always check AMAZON for any characters you still need to add to your collection or you can check Facebook Tsum Tsum groups, as many collectors trade or sell individual Tsum Tsums.