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Happy Tsum Tsum Tuesday!

Posted: 5:30PM PST on Monday 3/6/17 just 7 hours short of  the online release.

Hello and welcome to the February 7, 2017  Tsum Tsum Tuesday!  This is, of course one of the best days of the month for any Tsum Tsum lover so grab your coat, head to your Local Disney Store OR CLICK HERE to shop DisneyStore.com as it’s time to go pick up some new friends for your growing collection!

This Tsum Tsum Tuesday, we have an AMAZING new set featuring the characters from Beauty and the Beast in their human forms. These beloved characters all come nestled inside the enchanted castles favorite ottoman dog, Sultan.

Disney Tsum Tsum

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Here’s what is included in this NEW set:

  1. BELLE – Of course we have Belle herself, dressed in the iconic outfit she wears in her village during the first few songs of the movie.
  2. THE BEAST – Next, we have the Beast, (or should I say Adam) in his human form. He is wearing his classic blue outfit, and his long hair is tied into a ponytail.
  3.  FIFI – Moving on to the workers in the castle, we have Fifi, the maid who, for the majority of the movie is a feather duster. Her human Tsum Tsum form is wearing a traditional maid costume, including a headpiece, and just look at those eyelashes!
  4. SULTAN – Next, we have the dog version of Sultan, the pup who spends most of his screen time as an adorable little ottoman1
  5. MRS. POTTS – We couldn’t have a Beauty and the Beast set without Mrs. Potts (and Chip)! You can tell which one is Mrs. Potts because of her teapot-like purple and yellow hat!
  6. CHIP – To go with Mrs. Potts, the little blonde boy is Chip who has spent quite a while as one of the cutest teacups around!
  7. COGSWORTH & LUMIERE – And of course, the dynamic duo, Cogsworth and Lumiere are included! Lumiere has his signature long nose and Coggsworth looks like no one else!
Disney Tsum Tsum Beauty and the Beast

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It’s hard not to assume that this set was released in anticipation of the beautiful live-action version of the Disney classic movie. All the Beauty and the Beast merchandise that has been released lately is doing nothing but building my excitement for this rendition of the movie! Are you going to go see this on the big screen on March 17th? Which scene are you the most excited to see? I am so excited to see the movie, as is the rest of Team TSUMthing that one of our team members EVEN made a D.Y.I. post about how to make your very own Enchanted Rose just like in the movie!! You can view that post HERE. There is also a TON of Beauty and the Beast merchandise you can read all about HERE.

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Have you heard what’s coming out next Tsum Tsum Tuesday? It’s an expansion on the Bambi characters! Just look at these cuties! I’m definitely going to have a hard time deciding which ones to buy (although Flower is my favorite!)

Who are you most excited to add to your collection?

Let us know in the comments down below!



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