Although the cute little Tsums have stolen the hearts of American Disney fans, I was surprised to see how much more popular they were when I visited Hong Kong. I expected to see lots of them, since they originated nearby in Japan, but the Tsum Tsum fandom was full force all over the city. That’s right, you can find Tsums everywhere, even beyond the perimeters of Hong Kong Disneyland. Disney has also teamed up with local food corporations and clothing lines to create a Tsum Tsum craze that’s taking over the urban area.


In this article I’ll be focusing on the role Tsum Tsums play in Hong Kong, which I found prevalent when visiting their Disneyland park. I found a plethora of Tsums in the shopping hub of every Disney park, on Main Street USA. The Victorian greenhouse style building (shown above) was my favorite!
Disney Tsum Tsum

IMG_5587 The first display I saw was at the front of the store with stacked Disney Motors by the Japanese brand Tomica. I couldn’t give in and start yet ANOTHER collection, but boy were these cute. Plus I had to save my HK dollars for something else… IMG_4042

Here’s my haul from HKDL. I only got three because here Tsum Tsums came out to be over eight USD each! I’m not sure if they’re more expensive here due to their popularity or just because everything is more expensive here in general. Also notice in the photo above that I collected a few Tsum stickers during our visit. These are passed out for FREE from Cast Members to children…or anyone who asks nicely. I love how they have a sketchbook style.


I also left with this special pin that was released for the Lunar New Year that had just passed. Notice the park map in the background covered in Tsums… they’ve completely taken over! Yay! IMG_5623

On the left in the photo above you can see a Tsum Tsum carrying-case shaped as a mandarin orange, inside were Duffy and Shellie May in celebratory costumes! This was exclusive to the Hong Kong park and sold for about $30 USD. Duffy and Shellie May are big fan favorites throughout all of the Asian parks, and I’m really kicking myself for not getting a Shellie May Tsum Tsum, since I’m now obsessed with that pink, little, cutie!


There was also a lot more Tsum Tsum attire sold here in adult sizes than you would find in the States. Just like in America Tsums are collected by the young and the young at heart. They are seen as bridging a gap between generations, kids and their parents can start a collection together! Here they’ve also been called a good “no mess” alternative to pets, that aren’t allowed in most HK apartments, which are very small.

So whether you collect plushies, vinyls, outfits, or digital Tsums in the app just know that there are plenty more people doing the same thing even on the opposite side of the world.


About the Author:

After graduating from San Francisco State University with her BA in Fine Arts, Keila moved to Florida to work at Walt Disney World where she met her boyfriend. She now joins him on his adventures around the world as a travel photographer, but Orlando is still their home base.