The Tsum Tsums are Getting Ready for Easter!

Has it been unusually warm outside for this time of year where you live? Here in Toronto, our groundhog predicted right when he told us about the early spring that would come to Canada! Around here, the sun usually comes out to melt the snow around Easter time,  so our Tsum Tsum friends are already looking forward to the chocolate stuffed holiday!

It seems like Jakks Toys is excited as well as they have released Pastel Tsum Tsums along with their Series 5 collection. These softly colored cuties are the perfect mascots for the coming of spring. Their colors remind me of sidewalk-chalk and pretty flowers!
Disney Tsum Tsum

Lets see how the Tsum Tsums are celebrating this early spring!

Here are a couple of the Pastel Parade Tsum Tsums having some fun in what looks like an Easter egg forest!

Uh-oh! Watch your carrots this spring! It looks like Thumper, Miss Bunny and The White Rabbit are very hungry!

How cute would it be for the Easter Bunny to put little Tsum Tsums into eggs? I know I would love to find those!

Ariel and her friends are already excited for gardening in the warm sun! Their watering can might be a teensy bit too big, but with teamwork, I’m sure they can do it!

Here are some friends from the Pastel Parade hiding in the Easter egg forest again! I hope to find some of these little guys from the Easter Bunny come April!


Do you have any Pastel Parade Tsum Tsums yet? Which one is YOUR favorite?

Let us know in the comments down below!


About the Author:

Sydney Fleming is an aspiring author who loves taking pictures and all things Disney! She lives in Ontario, Canada and is a student of the Child and Youth Care Practitioner program. Her Instagram is tsumthing_sydney