Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Merchandise Overload!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I am sure you have seen non-stop promotions for Disney’s new “Beauty and the Beast” live action film, which comes out March 17, 2017. In fact, to kick off the celebration, we did a post about a D.I.Y. Enchanted Rose very recently, which you can read all about HERE. Our D.I.Y. Enchanted Rose is  an inexpensive, magical and fun craft that will save you a good chunk of change unless you’d rather spend a lot more money on purchasing an already made one off of EBAY or other sources.

This classic movie is definitely a favorite among Disney fans all over and numerous Disney licensed manufactures including HOT TOPIC, The Disney Store and Disney Parks  have slowly been releasing their special B&TB merchandise here and there and everywhere! We’ve already seen the Disney Parks Limited Edition merchandise sell out within a day or two of being released at Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida. If you missed out, I’m sure you can find those items on EBAY at MUCH higher prices, unfortunately – So I recommend snatching up any future products as soon as you see them so you don’t miss out!

We have gathered a few HOT merchandise items below that were just released today and earlier this week and are bound to sell out quick, so be sure you grab what you want right away so you don’t miss out. We will add more items to this post as we see them release, so be sure to check back. All of these items are from the following retailers: HOT TOPIC, and DISNEYPARKS.



All 5 of these pieces of Beauty and the Beast Live Action Film inspired apparel were released today, February 24, online at A few of these pieces are ONLINE EXCLUSIVE items and most of them are available in Plus Sizes as well. Our TOP pick of these 5 is the red “Belle Cape” but it does resemble Little Red Riding Hood. These items appear to be pretty well made and are sure to turn heads!

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Belle Cape

Online Exclusive

beauty and the beast coat

Online Exclusive

belle ruffle dress

Online Exclusive

beauty and the beast blazer

Online Exclusive

belle gown

Available Online Here & In Stores


These are our 5 TOP PICKS for the New Arrivals of Beauty and the Beast merchandise at the online US Disney Store. From super cute, or as known in Japan as “Cho Kawaii,” bag charms to new children’s costumes, a magical phone case and fancy journal, there is something for everyone! Not all of these items are available at every Disney Store, so if you’d rather wait to get it in store, be sure to call your local Disney Store ahead of time for a product check.

180x50 Logo
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Adorable Bag Charms

Deluxe Costume

Singing Tea Set

Magical Journal

Magic Mirror Phone Case


Unfortunately, most of the New Limited Edition Beauty and the Beast Disney Parks merchandise are SOLD OUT. However, there are still lots of other Disney Parks Authentic Beauty and the Beast items to add to your collection. The following are our Top Picks and may be new or ongoing and all can be purchased online VIA the “Disney Parks” page (click on an image below to shop):


Enchanted Rose Pin

Belle Tea Pot

Gaston Sign

Beauty and the Beast Puzzle

Belle Bangles

Belle Mug

Belle Ear Headband

Beauty and the Beast Figurine


We hope we have made your Beauty and the Beast shopping experience just a LITTLE easier by hand picking only the best and most popular Disney Licensed Products! HAPPY SHOPPING.