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Disney Tsum Tsum

Tsum Tsum Unboxing!

Hello everyone!

Have you seen the new video up on our YouTube channel “Tsum Thing?” You can check it out here :

In the video, we opened up tons of Tsum Tsum goodies sent generously to us by Jakks toys, you should check it out!

Unfortunately, while filming, there were some technical difficulties with the camera not focusing properly on the details of the adorable Tsum Tsums so, for a closer look, we’ve taken some close up shots of the Tsum Tsums featured in the video!

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the video yet, and want to be as surprised as we were with who the mystery characters are, watch the video first!

Pastel Parade Three Pack : Bambi

Here’s the large, pastel Bambi!

And his medium buddy, Thumper.

And lastly in this set, a small Miss Bunny!

Marvel Series 3 : Mystery Pack

Next, we opened the Marvel Mystery Pack which had Hulk and an accessory that took me a little bit of time to build!

Pastel Parade Three Pack : The Little Mermaid

The large Tsum Tsum included in this pack was, of course, Ariel herself! Look at that pretty pink hair!

And coming in with more pink, we have a medium Sebastian!

To finish this set off, we have a tiny pastel Flounder. Look how cute he is!

Marvel Series 3 : Guardians of the Galaxy 9 pk

To start this off, lets take a look at the small Tsums Tsums we got!


Here’s Rocket Raccoon!

Next, we have Thanos! Look at those bright colours!

To finish off the smalls, bringing vibrant colours, we have Nebula!

Moving on to medium Tsum Tsums, we have Starlord in his mask!

To join Starlord, here is Gamora!

And to end the mediums, we have Drax!

Moving on to the large Tsum Tsums, we have a very detailed Groot who has a vine wrapping around his middle!

We also have a brightly coloured Ronan.

Finally in large, we have our mystery figure who turned out to be Nova!

Tsum Tsum Stack ’ems Display Set : Fun at the Fair

Watch the video to see the full Fun at the Fair playset in action!

Here are the characters included in this interactive playset:

First we have  small Cheshire cat, the perfect size for the gondola and the ferris wheel!

Next, we got a large glittery Dumbo! Watch the video to see his full sparkle potential!

And finally, our mystery small was…

A super ultra lucky black and white Daisy Duck!

We hope you enjoyed seeing these cuties up close! Let us know who your favorite is in the comments down below!

Thank you so much to Jakks toys for sending these amazing little guys!