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Disney Tsum Tsum


In a recent post, I shared with you some tips and tricks about visiting Disneyland Paris for the first time. Now I’d like to talk about Disneyland Paris’ second park called Walt Disney Studios. Its a lot like Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park in Walt Disney World, but here you can find a few attractions that are no longer in its Floridian counter part. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, so let’s begin our tour at the front entrance gates.


After you make your way through the turnstiles, you are greeted by a Fantasia themed fountain with Sorcerer Mickey at the center. The entry plaza then bottle necks into what seems to be a soundstage from the exterior.


Once inside you realize you’ve walked inside you realize you’re in an entryway like no other Disney Park. It’s a lot like walking down the main street of Hollywood Studios but it’s all INDOORS to protect guests from the harsh weather of Northern Europe, whether it’s wind, rain, or even snow. We took refuge here a couple times during the day. Great spots to pick up any snacks or an afternoon coffee. Notice the Brown Derby to the right in the photo above, nothing like the one found in DHS as it is a walk up counter service place.


Just on the other side of this building you’ll find the “Partners” statue in an area that resembles the Hollywood Backlot in Anaheim’s California Adventure, with screams from Tower of Terror in the distance. It was kind of weird to see Walt and Mickey without the castle right behind them.


Nearby is another place to seek warmth and that’s the Animation Station, with a facade designed after the Roy E Disney Animation Building at the real Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, CA. Here you can learn to draw your favorite Disney characters or record your voice into a selection of Disney films.

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The rest of the Backlot felt like a ghost town… maybe because Rock N Rollercoaster was being refurbished during our visit. But in this section of the park are a couple attractions you’ll no longer find at Walt Disney World like the Backlot Tram Tour! Another experience here sharing the magic behind the movies is Light, Motors, Action! This show, which teaches the audience about how crazy, action film stunts are performed, just recently closed at DHS due to Star Wars taking over.


Before heading to any of these attractions however, I recommend your first stop be grabbing a Fastpass for the park’s newest attraction: L’Aventure Totalement Toquee de Remy. This Ratatouille themed ride is in a section of the park decorated to look like old buildings in Paris. My first thought was “Why would Disney theme an area this way, when the real thing is a short train ride away?” But then I thought of California Adventure, so I guess it all works out. As for the ride itself it was really cute but a whole lot of 3D, so if that’s not your thing…you’ve been warned.


Another line that was up to an hour wait within the first five minutes of the park opening was right next door in the Pixar area and that was for Crush’s Coaster based on Finding Nemo. There’s also an entire Toy Story area with kiddie rides like an RC Car Coaster, Green Army Men Parachutes, and a spinning Slinky Dog ride.


As a final tip, I’d suggest having a meal at Annette’s, its found just outside the exit of the park in Downtown Disney. It’s named after the original Mousketeer Annette Funicello and is themed as an 1950s American diner where waitresses serve you in roller skates. The menu is consists mostly of burgers, but the experience is really worth the calories!


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After graduating from San Francisco State University with her BA in Fine Arts, Keila moved to Florida to work at Walt Disney World where she met her boyfriend. She now joins him on his adventures around the world as a travel photographer, but Orlando is still their home base.