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beauty and the beast
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How to Make Your Very Own Enchanted Rose

With the brand new Beauty and the Beast Live Action film debuting on March 17th, now is the time to turn your B&TB collection from plain and simple to something truly magical! There are many variations to creating a magical enchanted rose, but I have found a very simple and inexpensive way to create your own in just under 1 hour and around $25.00USD.

Disney Tsum Tsum

enchanted rose

What you will need:

  • 1 – 10″ Glass Dome with wood Base set (from IKEA): $12.99
  • 1 or 2 Silk Red Roses (from IKEA or any craft store): $1.00-2.00
  • 5 feet long Mini LED lights with a timer switch (From Michaels): $4.99-16.99 [Use a coupon!]
  • 1 Mini Can “Gold Leaf” Metallic Spray paint (from Michaels): $3.69
  • Drill Gun &  7/64 Drill Bit
  • Scissors or Wire Cutters
  • Others: A cardboard box, glue, 3 self sticking felt pieces, plastic to spray paint on


Lay your plastic out in a well ventilated area.

Place the WOODEN base faced up on the plastic and spray thin layers of Gold Metallic Spray Paint on the top and sides.

Wait 30 minutes and spray a second coat if needed.


Trim your Rose to the desired length. Make sure you measure it enough where the top of the rose doesn’t touch the top of the base.

Leave extra stem on the bottom so you can pull it through the base to help it stand up.

Trim excess leaves or pull them off if that is easier.

We recommend using a CLOSED rose versus a fully bloomed rose (as shown below) as the lights will sit easier in a closed rose.

Pull off extra petals from the second rose. (These will go on the base as “fallen” petals).

Enchanted Rose


Place the correct batteries in your LED light battery pack to make sure they work.

Spread out the LED lights so they’re ready for Step 4 & 5

Mini LED Lights


Once your base is dry (or if you decide not to paint it), take out your drill gun & 7/64 drill bit.

Use two strings to make an X to find the center of your base.

FOR SAFETY: Place your Wood Base on a Cardboard Box

Drill a hole straight through the middle of your Wood Base from top down.

IMPORTANT: Test your LED lights to make sure they string through the hole. If they don’t fit, use the next size up drill bit.


Place 3 self sticking felt pieces on the bottom of your wooden base.

String the LED lights up through the wooden base.

Cut off 1″ of the bottom plastic part of your rose stem BUT LEAVE the inside,  metal part. (See photo from Step 3)

Double over the LED lights and tightly but gently begin wrapping the lights up the rose stem.

Carefully yet firmly, wrap and tuck the lights between the rose petals, pushing them in as deep as they’ll go.

REMEMBER: If you use an “Open Bloom” rose, it may be hard to tuck the lights in.


Once the lights are wrapped snugly and how you like them, slip the bottom of the rose into the wood base hole.

Place a few loose rose petals on the bottom (you can glue them if you don’t want them moving).

Cover your rose with the glass dome.

Turn on your lights and TA-DA!!!

If you don’t live anywhere near an IKEA, you can find alternate Glass Dome sets at places such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart and Target stores. To save time, you can forgo the painted base. We wanted to keep it gold to match with the rest of our Beauty and the Beast theme. You can also keep it very simple and forgo the lights as well and just lay a rose inside, using the stem as a stand and you won’t have to worry about drilling anything (see photo below):

beauty and the beast enchanted rose

Please let us know below if this post has inspired you to Make Your Own Enchanted Rose for your Collection!!

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