Welcome to Tsum Tsum Tuesday!

Welcome to the first Tsum Tsum Tuesday of February! January has gone by so quickly and we hope that everyone is adjusting nicely into the new year, and to all the new Tsums coming our way!

I think everyone was thrilled when they heard about the new Tsum Tsum friends we would be meeting this month as they are the best of Pixar collection!

Disney and Pixar began their partnership in 1991, and since then have generated films that have touched our hearts and unforgettable characters that have become household names.

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This Tsum Tsum Tuesday release is focused on two Disney/Pixar movies, Wall-E and A Bugs Life.

The characters included in this release are:

  • Wall-E
  • Eve
  • Flik
  • Dot
  • Heimlich
  • Heimlich with wings
  • Large Wall-E

I bought three of these cuties and fell in LOVE with the details on them!

Looking closer at Wall-E, his little cockroach friend is sitting on his triangular wheel. This definitely makes Wall-E one of my new favorites!

Next is Dot. Dot has sparkly white wings that are almost the texture of a tutu, and her antennas are curly just like in the movie!

The final one I picked up was Heimlich. His colours are vibrant and constrast one another. Heimlich’s little yellow dots and his multitude of legs are well represented in this Tsum Tsum.

Also available at this Canadian Disney store were the Aristocats, Star Wars, the classic characters with expressions, the Light and Sound Tsum Tsum princesses and TONS of large Tsum Tsums.

Have you heard whats coming for the next Tsum Tsum Tuesday?

That’s right! We’re getting more Star Wars characters! The Death Star collection includes five characters including the Emperor! Who else is excited?

Did you pick up any of the cuties released today? Let us know in the comments down below who YOUR favorite Tsum Tsum from this Tuesday is! 


About the Author:

Sydney Fleming is an aspiring author who loves taking pictures and all things Disney! She lives in Ontario, Canada and is a student of the Child and Youth Care Practitioner program. Her Instagram is tsumthing_sydney