How to Play Disney Tsum Tsum

1. Download LINE


Line is a communication app used to make calls and send messages for free from country to country (similar to Whatsapp) known for its cute characters and emojis.  The Disney Tsum Tsum game is presented by LINE and in order to save your progress in the game, you’ll have to also download LINE.  You can play as a “Guest” but I highly recommend creating a LINE account so that you can start collecting Tsums!

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2. My TSUM


Just as we collect Tsum Tsums in the physical world, we can also start a digital collection within this app! As you collect more coins by playing you can buy “Happy Boxes” or “Premium Boxes” from the app’s store.  With “Happy Boxes” for 10,000 coins you can receive original Disney characters like Mickey and friends or Pooh’s friends from the Hundred Acre Wood.  As you start to play more and more you’ll notice the benefit of saving up for the “Premium Boxes” (30,000 coins).  With these boxes you can receive princesses, heroes, and sidekicks from films such as: Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Tangled, Beauty & the Beast, Bambi, Frozen, Aladdin, and even the Star Wars franchise… just to name a few.  Each Tsum has a special power and the ones that come in “Premium Boxes” are much more powerful.  My favorite is Princess Leia, as she blasts away a bunch of random Tsums with her ray gun!

Tsum Tsum Bag

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3.  Combos


If you move quick enough through puzzles, by connecting three or more Tsums, you’ll start to make combos.  You’ll notice your combo growing in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  When you fill the bar at the bottom of the screen, that means you’ve entered FEVER mode, where your combo bonus can grow nonstop!

4. Bubbles


Bubbles appear within the puzzle when you create a chain of seven or more.  Bubbles can clear all the Tsum Tsums around them when poked and popped!  There are different kinds of bubbles for the more Tsums in your chain.  For example 9-16 makes a Time increasing bubble, 11-18 creates an Experience bubble, 13-20 gives you an Extra Coins bubble, and 15-21+ gives you a Score increasing bubble.  Help with all these abilities can also be purchased with coins as “Bonus Items” before each game.  Quick tip: one large Tsum that randomly appears during gameplay is worth FIVE little ones!

Tsum Tsum Bag

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5. Bingo Cards


From the main menu you can choose to play a Bingo Card (in the bottom left corner of the screen).  These give you mini challenges and missions within game play, such as: “Make an 80 Combo using a Tsum with Braided Hair.”  When you clear a Bingo Card you get a special, rare, Tsum, like Oswald.


6.  Challenges


Just like Bingo Cards, the Challenges, which change every few weeks, reward players with special Tsum Tsums you can’t find in any boxes in the shop.  These challenges affect gameplay. For example, the theme is currently Cinderella and players who accept the Challenge will find magic potion bottles randomly scattered throughout their puzzle.  The point is to break as many of these bottles using Bubbles.  Each bottle you break gets you one  step closer to winning a Prince Charming Tsum Tsum.


Well that’s about all you need to know to get started! So what are you waiting for?! Download and play today! I’ll see you in the scoreboards!

What Tsum Tsum App character do YOU like playing with the most and why? Comment below. You may also add your LINE account name to gain more “Tsum Tsum friends!”



About the Author:

After graduating from San Francisco State University with her BA in Fine Arts, Keila moved to Florida to work at Walt Disney World where she met her boyfriend. She now joins him on his adventures around the world as a travel photographer, but Orlando is still their home base.