Minnie Mouse Rocks the Dots in Downtown Disney

Despite the worst storm Southern California has seen in quite some time, the “Rock the Dots” event at Downtown Disney to celebrate National Polka Dot Day continued on. A little…okay, a lot of rain isn’t stopping Minnie Mouse!

The weather did prevent some of the advertised offerings from happening (namely the entertainment), but there was plenty of Minnie Style to go around for those who braved the rain to check it out; discounts at select Downtown Disney stores, special food and drink offerings at several restaurants, stylish Minnie-inspired merchandise, a free limited edition button giveaway, and a photo opportunity manned all afternoon by some awesome Disney cast members who were soaked to the bone!

The photo opp was set up next to the Downtown Disney stage near ESPN Zone and featured a (waterlogged) red carpet, black and white dot backdrop and red, white, and black balloons pillars. A PhotoPass photographer was available for anyone who wanted to grab a photo (yay for having a Signature Annual Pass that includes digital downloads for free!). Sarah wasn’t so sure about this whole photo thing in the windy, cold rain, but she was a trooper and we got some really cute shots and our “Rock the Dots” limited edition buttons.

After getting photos, we headed toward Disneyland, stopping at Marceline’s Confectionery for some Minnie-inspired sweet treats. There were specialty Minnie Mouse apples, marshmallow wands and cake pops (anyone else loving the blue dots on Minnie?). We opted for one of their delicious cookies…so many yummy things to pick from!

We backtracked a bit, checking out what Sprinkles had to offer. They advertised “limited time polka dot cupcakes” which we found out meant they had their regular dots on the top of more of their cupcake flavors than usual. Bummer. But we did try their new German Chocolate cupcake though, which was delicious. We’re pretty sure Minnie likes chocolate so we’re sure she approved.

Several of the sit-down restaurants had special food and drink offerings for the celebration, but with a cold 4-year-old and horizontal rain, we opted to skip these (though they certainly sounded wonderful!)

Our last stop in Downtown Disney was at World of Disney (one of my favorite stores at the resort), where they were also handing out buttons, to check out all of the Minnie Mouse merchandise. Some of the designs we have seen in World of Disney and other resort stores before, but the purses, jackets, tees, tanks, sweatshirts, hats…the list goes on…dots everywhere! None of the merchandise was exclusive to the “Rock the Dots” event, so if you see something you like, be sure to stop by World of Disney on your next trip to the Disneyland Resort.

Checking everything off our dots “to-do” list, we decided to head into Disneyland (it was a very wet ghost town) to see if we could catch Minnie Mouse to say a quick hello before heading home. We had perfect timing as no more than five minutes after arriving, we saw her and Mickey entering the “Moments with Mr. Lincoln” attraction on Main Street (INSIDER TIP: It’s where characters often meet and greet guests when it’s raining). Because the park was virtually empty, we had a bit of Disney magic as Minnie and Mickey joined Sarah watching the 50th Anniversary film with Steve Martin and Donald Duck that is played continuously in the lobby (it’s a favorite of Sarah’s). It was the highlight of Sarah’s day – and a wonderful way to end our Polka Dot adventure in the rain!

Tell us in the comments below how YOU Rocked your Dots on National Polka Dot Day.


About the Author:

I'm a stay-at-home mom and Disney fanatic. Living just 15 miles from Disneyland, we visit the parks several times a week, usually with my 4-year-old daughter dressed as her favorite character that week. We started collecting mini Tsum Tsum plush in early 2015 and started the our vinyl mystery bag collection when Series 1 was first release. You can follow me on Instagram at @tsumthing_katiej and my daughter, Sarah, at @villainfangirl.