Tsum Tsum Adventures!

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a place where dreams come true. Princesses dance across the grounds, stories leap from picture books to the real world and everyone’s inner child grins with glee.

Recently, some of our Tsum Tsum’s had the chance to experience these magnificent wonders and they did not let the opportunity go to waste. They went on adventurous rides, admired marvelous scenery and experienced the true magic that Disney provides.

These Tsum Tsums, of course did not want to keep this experience to themselves, and decided to document their journey to share with all of you! Without further ado, venture with the Traveling Tsums Tsums as they wander through three of the four parks of Walt Disney World and meet many new friends!

The Magic Kingdom

Entering the Magic Kingdom is an experience unlike any other. The first thing the Tsums noticed were flowers growing in the collective shape of the iconic Mickey Mouse. After admiring the impressive display, our Tsum Tsum friends continued into the park only to stop again in amazement. Cinderella’s castle, the most recognizable monument of the Magic Kingdom, stood right in the center of the hustle and bustle of thousands of guests.

While appreciating the splendor that is Cinderella’s castle, the Tsum Tsums ran into their first new friends. It was Mickey and Minnie Mouse! They seemed to be having a romantic moment on a lovely day in the Magic Kingdom.

Did you know that Cinderella’s castle has 13 gargoyles on it? See if you can find them all the next time you visit the park!

After experiencing the welcoming show, “Let the Magic Begin,” performed in front of Cinderella’s castle, the Tsum Tsums decided to brave The Haunted Mansion, located in Liberty Square. There, they were greeted by the house maid and the terrifying ghost of a bride!

After exiting the spooky attraction, the Tsum Tsums noticed that one of the members of their group was missing! It turned out that almost all of the Tsums made it into the Haunted Mansion, but one became a little bit too frightened to go through with it and instead, spent his time in a garden across from the beloved ride.

After riding The Haunted Mansion, the Tsum Tsums ventured to Frontierland to go on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Berlioz and Toulouse loved it so much that they lined up twice more for the fast-paced ride !

There are so many interesting things to look at as you race along on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad including possums hanging from a tree, a goat standing on a roof, a hidden Mickey made out of large gears, and even a man floating down the river in a bathtub!

The next friend our Tsums came across was Dumbo who was relaxing at the Storybook circus in Fantasyland. All the Tsum Tsums piled on the ride, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and felt what it was like to fly.

Did you know that the popular attraction Dumbo the Flying Elephant was one of the original rides at Disney World when it opened in 1971? Hopefully it will continue to stick around as there is no lack of love for it from Disney lovers!

After exploring the Storybook circus, the Tsum Tsums were in need of a place to sit and something cold to drink. Passing Ariel’s Grotto, the Tsums found themselves at Gaston’s Tavern where Gaston himself showed them how he uses antlers in all of his decorating and LeFou made them a fresh batch of LeFou’s Brew!

After going on a couple more rides, the Tsums were exhausted and decided to end their magical journey until the next day.

Hollywood Studios

Upon arriving at Hollywood Studios, Princess Leia headed straight towards Echo Lake to find Star Tours – The Adventure Continues. There, the Tsum Tsums met R2D2, and C3P0 while in line, and went on a journey through space carrying a rebel spy. The Tsum Tsums also observed where Ewoks live, and saw an AT-AT up close!

Did you know that similar to how the Tower of Terror has 12 different possible sequences, Star Tours – The Adventure Continues has 54 different sequences so that guests can have a different experience each time?

After a successful landing of Star Tours, the Tsum Tsums encountered Obi-Wan Kenobi on the harsh desert planet of Tatooine. After the brief meeting, our Tsum Tsum friends were off to Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is just that; an animal kingdom. There are cave formations, beautiful plants, including the Tree of Life with over 300 different animals carved into it, and an actual safari car that immerses you into the lives of the animals it introduces you to.

The first new friend that our Tsum Tsum’s found at Animal Kingdom was Heihei, the chicken. He was crawling through Dinoland U.S.A looking for some food among the tropical plants that covered the ground.

Also among the bushes was Stitch who was chasing a chipmunk into its tree. He seemed intrigued by its ability to collect so many acorns at once!

On their way to the time-travelling ride, Dinosaur, the Tsums came across Moana resting among the flowers. They invited their new friend to come with them on their exhilarating trip, and she jumped at the chance of adventure!

After experiencing all there was to try in the Animal Kingdom, the Tsum Tsums left Walt Disney World with many new friends, and nothing but smiles on their faces.

The Tsum Tsums experienced the magic of Disney, and hope that you can too whether at one of the parks, or curled up at home watching Cinderella for the hundredth time. Disney touches so many people’s hearts in so many different ways! What’s your most memorable Disney experience? Let us know in the comments down below!