Both tourists and locals have fallen in love with the new design of Disney Springs, formerly known as “Downtown Disney” at the Walt Disney World Resort. An additional parking garage as well as “Bus Only” lanes have really knocked out the crazy traffic we were all so used to when trying to enjoy an evening at this location. The Springs has also brought us a plethora of new restaurants as well as an entire shopping district! But in all this excitement, something as tiny as the adorable, little Tsum Tsums can get lost! So, for all of you worried about where to find your fuzzy little friends, no worries, Keila is here to help.


All Tsums will be found in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs. So, that’s the opposite end of where you’ll see the huge, white Cirque du Soleil tent. No Tsums will be found on the Westside, since that area is more focused on nightlife such as concerts at House of Blues or bowling at Splitsville.


Let’s start our tour at the largest Disney store on the planet- World of Disney! It’s so big that it actually has four entrances, so keep an eye out for Huey, Dewey, Louie, Dumbo, or Stitch welcoming you into the shop! But be careful… Stitch is known to spit! If you enter from where Huey, Dewey, and Louie are you’ll start in the Princess themed room, where little ones can purchase a dress to look like their favorite female heroes! Speaking of heroes, there’s currently a great Moana section in this part of the store and this is where we’ll find our first Tsum Tsums!




As you can see, there’s still plenty of Kakamora left… But Pua is completely sold out! I’m so happy I already got mine, but if you happen to see this cute little guy anywhere, my recommendation is to pick him up while you still can…


Quick shot of my Moana set outside of Rainforest Cafe. Pua is definitely my favorite!

In the next room you can find more recent sets. The Pinocchio themed room and is filled with stuffed animal plushes. To know if you’ve made it into the correct room, just look up and there should be clowns painted on the ceiling peering back down at you. As you can see in the photo, there are usually two different sets available in this room- currently, Beauty and the Beast and Finding Nemo.




Next, let’s make our way to a shop that used to be the ONLY place in Disney Springs that you could buy Tsums… It’s called “Once Upon a Toy” and it is the Holy Grail of Tsum Tsums in Walt Disney World. You can pretty much get any set that is currently being sold on Disney property without having to go to each different location.




In the main Tsum Tsum section (shown above) there are prepackaged sets, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas box and the Dumbo bag. There are Tsums of all sizes and some very special sets, like those based on lands and attractions in the park. Some of my favorites include: the Jungle Cruise skipper, Tikiroom birds, the hippo from It’s a Small World, and a yellow, spinning teacup!




Near the cash register you can find bins full of individual Tsums from older sets, for example the Haunted Mansion ones which have been out since April of 2016.


Continue on to the back of the store for some more “boy-friendly” toys or really for anyone who loves Marvel and Star Wars! This is where you can build your own light sabor- or more importantly, find Star Wars Tsum Tsums. They’ll be to your right when you enter the back room and they are usually carrying characters from each era of Star Wars, from A New Hope to The Force Awakens.




Once you’ve finished all your shopping, there’s still one more little Tsum Tsum surprise in this shop’s window. Go to the side of the shop closest to Earl of Sandwich and peer into the Tsum Tsum decorated window to catch a glimpse of the dress made of over 300 Tsums that was worn and displayed at the 2015 D23 Expo.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Tsum Tsum tour of Disney Springs and I also hope that it will help you add a bit more cuteness to your stack during your next trip to Walt Disney World!


About the Author:

After graduating from San Francisco State University with her BA in Fine Arts, Keila moved to Florida to work at Walt Disney World where she met her boyfriend. She now joins him on his adventures around the world as a travel photographer, but Orlando is still their home base.