It’s Tsum Tsum Tuesday!

Hello and welcome to one of the most exciting days of the month, “Tsum Tsum Tuesday!

Today, the anticipated 2017 Valentines day box set containing Mickey and Minnie Mouse was released into stores! The Disney store near me had multiple boxes in stock despite the ongoing amount of customers buying them.

Here is a close up of Mickey Mouse from the set. His red velvet hat fits perfectly between his ears which are, of course extremely soft.

Mickey’s other half, Minnie Mouse is just as cute with her rosy cheeks and a bright red hat decorated with a pink bow made up of two hearts.

Something to really love about this set, and about most Tsum Tsums is the detail that goes into them! Mickey has little suspenders with a pink heart buckle, and the usual polka-dots on Minnie’s skirt have turned into hearts for the special occasion.

Another wonderful detail is that Mickey’s hat, suspenders and pants, and Minnie’s hat and dress have a velvety texture resembling that of those classic heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.

Speaking of chocolate, these two lovebirds SMELL like chocolate! It’s not overpowering, but instead smells like a sweet chocolate candle is burning in the room.

And of course I have to mention the adorable heart halves the couple is wearing that match up as perfectly as a puzzle.

Overall this classic couple dressed up for a lovely Valentines date has won my heart!

At the Disney store I go to, (in Canada) this is what else was available in the featured Tsum Tsum section. There was only one Berlioz left from the last Tsum Tsum Tuesday, and Duchess was nowhere to be seen! What did excite me about this display was that the 2017 birthday Tsum Tsums were available.

After taking them out of the bag alongside the Valentines set, it smelled like I was in a candy store! These tiny Tsum Tsums on top of their cupcakes smell like a sweet vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting.

After looking at these up close, I realized that not only do they smell yummy, but the sprinkles on those cupcakes look delicious as well! Mickey and Minnie are wearing their party hats on top of the velvety feeling frosting that matches their outfits.

These would make a wonderful birthday present as the recipient would always have something that smells just like birthday cake! They also come with a tag attached that has space to write a little birthday message for that special someone.


I hope you had a wonderful Tsum Tsum Tuesday!

Which Tsum Tsum from today has been your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


About the Author:

Sydney Fleming is an aspiring author who loves taking pictures and all things Disney! She lives in Ontario, Canada and is a student of the Child and Youth Care Practitioner program. Her Instagram is tsumthing_sydney