Tsum Tsum Series 5 Collection Guide

Our partner, Jakks Pacific, tweeted the Series 5 Collection Guide for their vinyl Tsum Tsum’s earlier today. We have been posting sneak peak photos earlier this month on our social media pages of some of the Series 5 characters. Here is the entire collection for Series 5, posted below.

Perfect for Spring 2017, there is a Limited Edition “Pastel Parade” collection along with some new very limited “Black and White” and “Gold” characters.

Also brand NEW for the Series 5 are a few movie sets including sets from Peter Pan, Lilo and Stitch, and Pinnochio, to name a few. Some other new characters include Baloo, Sully, Nemo, Flynn Rider, Fear, King Louie,  Mike, Dory, Tick Tock, Shere Khan,  Simba, Boo, Destiny, Randall, Hank, Disgust, Lucifer, King Triton, Scar and Mowgli.

Stay Tuned as many of these new characters will be showing up in package sets different than we have seen in the previous 4 series. For example, you will be able to find Lucifer in the Disney cats set, as seen in our sneak photo that can be seen below. The photos below the collection photo are from the show room and are prototypes, so final products may appear different.

Jakks Pacific Tsum Tsum Series 5