An aweTSUM Valentine’s Day ♥ 

Our Tsum Tsum’s are celebrating the new arrival of some very special Valentine’s Day releases!

Here are some Valentine’s Day 2017 special releases!

As seen on Amazon, a Tsum Tsum Valentine’s Day Mickey and Minnie gift set will be released on February 1st.

This item can be pre-ordered, to be received on the release date. This gift set features 1 large Mickey figure and 1 large Minnie figure. Each figure has a cute heart pattern design and Mickey even has kiss marks on his face! The set retails at $11.99.

Groupon also has the set on their website. As of now, the set is not available for purchase yet.

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Another adorable Valentine’s Day find is the Mickey and Minnie mini plush set!

This set features both Mickey and Minnie in festive Valentine’s Day outfits. The plush pair are also chocolate scented! The most exciting feature on the plush set is that Mickey and Minnie both have half a heart on each of their backs, and when placed side by side, a full heart is formed!

This set can currently be found at the

Kigurumi 728x90

Last but certainly not least, is the Tsum Tsum Valentine’s Day cards.

The pack includes 32 cards and envelopes, along with some fun temporary Tsum Tsum tattoos!

These can be found at and Amazon.


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