The Cutest Tin Boxes Around!

The Tin Box Company has created two of the most adorable Tin Boxes for Tsum Tsum lovers of all ages!

The first is the classic tin lunch box style that many of you are very familiar with from your childhood days and the second is a fancier “purse-like” tin box with a scoop neck and a fancy handle. Both of these boxes are currently available for purchase here EntertainmentEarth or by clicking on any of the photos below. You can store your collection of Tsum Tsum’s inside and carry them around to show off the adorable Tsum Tsum faces or you can store your lunch or even your every day items and carry the boxes around like an everyday purse. You will get lots of compliments with your stylish and adorable new Disney Tsum Tsum purse and tin box! They range in price from $8.00-$10.00 and will be showing up in more US retailers throughout the summer of 2016.

Check out these Tsum Tsum tin boxes that made their way all to Tokyo Disneyland in May 2016 to surprise a few fans who got to keep one of each:

IMG_9812 (2)




Disney Tsum Tsum Tin Lunch Box and Purse


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  • Alesandra Klug

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  • Carolina Godoy

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