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Products are now available on our store “Buy TSUMthing.” Many products SOLD OUT during sale but will be restocked soon. Please check back.

Many of you have been following along on Tsum Tsum Marie’s social media pages for the last week or two waiting for some rare goodies from Japan to surface our store. Tsum Tsum Marie traveled all the way to Tokyo Disney and brought back a lot of rare and much wanted Japan Disney Exclusives that she handpicked (or should we say “PAW Picked”) out herself!

Disney Store Japan Aristocats Phone Case Cover Wallet

Currently Sold Out

Some of these item’s came from different Disney Stores in Harajuku, Shibuya, Tokyo and Maihama and a few other items came from Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. These item’s are now awaiting to be adopted to many different Disney Lover’s as they safely relax in their California foster home.

Disney Store Japan Phone Case Cover

Currently Sold Out

Every item listed in the “Buy TSUMthing” store was imported by Tsum Tsum Marie herself from Japan to California in her tiny suitcase (OK, with the help of her humans suitcases). The price increase reflects taxes, import fees, sellers fees, international charges, etc. So please be mindful when wondering why the prices seem higher than expected. It took a lot of time and money to travel to a foreign country to find all these goodies in many different cities while still trying to enjoy a vacation.

Disney Store Japan Little Mermaid Tsum Tsum Key Chain

Currently Sold Out

Shipping is available to other countries outside of the United States BUT please note that the postal services quoted $30.00 for shipping to the UK and Australia as well as Hong Kong and that’s just the shipping fee for a small TINY box! If you live outside of the US and definitely want to make a purchase of items that are available, you need to email us at: info@tsumthing.com

Disney Store Japan Tsum Tsum Mike and Sully Monsters Inc Key Chain

Currently Sold Out

Shipping to any US city of products that can fit into a small box is only $7.00. We will notify you if the items in your cart surpass the small box limit and will notify you about the next box size cost. There are NO RETURNS on any of our Japan Exclusive shop items. We are unable to return these items to Japan, as they were imported by hand, therefore you are unable to return the items to us. If you aren’t sure, don’t buy it. If you buy it and change your mind, hopefully you can find someone to take it off your hands because it won’t be us.  Please read all of the descriptions, especially for the Smart Phone Cases before making your purchase. If you receive an item and it isn’t what you expected, better luck next time because remember: No Returns. Not with these products. Sorry!

aristocats smaller

Currently Sold Out

We will ship to the address connected to your Pay Pal account so make sure it is correct or someone else could be getting an unexpected gift!

Here are a few teaser photo’s of what will be available to purchase. We hope you are able to find some item’s to your liking! If there are other items from Japan that you would like to see in the future, please let us know.

Available on our shop (some items are sold out):

Disney Store Japan Tsum Tsum Key Chain Figaro and Gideon from Pinocchio Disney Store Japan Tsum Tsum Oswald and Ortensia Key ChainDisney Store Japan Tsum Tsum Key Chain Alice in Wonderland

D23 Japan Exclusive Pinocchio Tsum Tsum House Set D23 Japan Exclusive Steamboat Mickey Tsum Tsum House SetD23 Japan Pinocchio Tsum Tsum Key Chain D23 Japan Steamboat Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsum Key ChainD23 Japan Expo Fantasia Tsum Tsum


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