“Tsum Tsum Collector of the Week”

April 12,  2016

Each Tuesday, we feature a “Tsum Tsum Collector of the Week” which is hand selected by us from photos submitted from our readers to our pics@tsumthing.com email.  The last Tuesday of each month, we feature a “Tsum Tsum Collector of the Month” who we hand pick out of ALL of the submission photos in that current month as well as photos who have not yet been featured. All of the collection photo’s that have not yet been featured will be saved for future weekly and monthly features. If you have submitted photos to us already, but want to send us better quality or updated collections, please feel free to do so. We LOVE seeing your photos and sharing them with our readers and followers! We include EVERY single contestant in a list at the bottom with their Instagram accounts highlighted so anyone can check out the rest of their collections and follow them, if you wish.

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If you would like to participate, please send us your Tsum Tsum collection photos, no matter how big or small, to pics@tsumthing.com. Be sure to include your information in your emails including your: Name, Location, Social Media Account Names, Collection Info. and anything else you’d like to include about yourself! Also, please be sure to send us the BEST quality photo’s you have and try to be creative. Even if you’ve already submitted photos to us in the past, you can always send updated or new collection photos any time!

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“Tsum Tsum Collector of the Week” #11:

Congrats to RACHEL from the United Kingdom on being this weeks featured “Tsum Tsum Collector of the Week!”

The majority of Rachel’s Tsum Tsum collection has been purchased at the Disney Store in Southampton. Rachel’s current count is:

  • 190 Tsum Tsums
  • and counting  . . . . . .

Rachel’s Instagram: @stannik

How aweTSUM is Rachel’s collection!?

Disney Tsum Tsum Collector of the Week

Tsum Tsum Collector of the Week

Thank you to the following readers for submitting their collections thus far. Please let us know if you change your account name or if your link is not working and we will fix it:
  1. @poohs.corner (David L) “Collector of the Week #4
  2. @jennifersothy (Jennifer S) “Collector of the Week” #8
  3. @leeannebree (Leeanne B)
  4. @briana_stokes (Briana S)
  5. @kat_nicole (Kirsten)
  6. @disneyguru92 (Jaron L)
  7. @disneylandolewhip (Brielle S)
  8. @joy_at_disneyland (Joy I)
  9. @tsum.tsum.vancouver (Joanna) “Collector of the Week” #1
  10. @tarbyloo (Tara & Mia)
  11. @_thelostprincess and @jordynnsayss (Jordyn F)
  12.  Unknown Account (Wendy Y)
  13. Disney_lover2399 (Cali Y)
  14. Unknown Account (Shelby G)
  15. cor_cor_re_re (Corey G)
  16. @Howkawaiiyou (Tahnee C) “Collector of the Week” #2
  17. @jgeezlove (Jessica G) “Collector of the Month” JANUARY 2016
  18. @h3ath3r678 (Heather T) “Collector of the Week” #5
  19. @jacqueline.nicole (Jacqueline J)
  20. Unknown Account (Melissa P)
  21. Unknown Account (Elin B)
  22. @Queen_of_all_things_Disney (Elkie P)
  23. @samgjerde (Samantha G)
  24. @_maxphun (Max P)
  25. @stanikk (Rachel) “Collector of the Week” #11
  26. @_disney._.lover._.4._.life (Alyssa) “Collector of the Month” FEBRUARY 2016
  27. @wall_of_tsumtsums (Rachele)
  28. @tsumtasia (Vania C)
  29. @tsumtsumtags (Lauren S) “Collector of the Week #10”
  30. @tsumtsumchicago (Jessica L) “Collector of the Week #3”
  31.  @noel_tsum (Noel L) “Collector of the Week #7”
  32. @tsum_tsum_addict (Jocelyn L) “Collector of the Week #6”
  33. Unknown Account (Romelyn T) “Collector of the MONTH” APRIL 2016
  34. Unknown Account (Carla G)
  35. @nlovj (Wenonah R) “Collector of the Week #9”
  36. @thatkidcynthia (Cynthia M)
  37. @rachel_lara76 (Rachel L)
  38. @beashm0 (Allyson)
  39. @jeannguyen (Jean N)
  40. This Could Be YOUR NAME!

If you would like to be included in future Tsum Tsum Collector of the Week/Month features, please email us your aweTSUM collection photos to: pics@tsumthing.com

Thank you for reading and remember to “Keep on Stacking!”

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