Stitch Take’s a Bite Out of CUTENESS!

This ADORABLE Stitch Crossbody bag features the face of Stitch from Walt Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. The large magnetic flap closure make’s it look like you are feeding Stitch with every item you put into the bag. Yes, this is not a “Tsum Tsum” product but Tsum’s are meant for cuteness and this bag fly’s right off the cuteness scale. In fact, this bag is a CUTENESS OVERLOAD, in my opinion.  This bag retails for $39.50 and has one short, non-removable handle and a long removable strap. I personally own this bag and I LOVE it!

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Personal Photos

The following 2 photo’s are my personal photos. The Marie “I’m a Lady” sticker and the “Stitch” bag were purchased at Hot Topic. The Stickers on the car are from Japan. If you are interested in other types of “Tsum Tsum” decals, you can find MANY different decals including Tsum Tsum and Disney by visiting:

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Stitch Purse


Stitch Purse with Tsum Tsum Marie

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