The Disney Cat’s are out of the Bag!

For those of you who follow our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts, you might’ve seen a post about the newest “Disney Tsum Tsum” cat collection making their debut at 10:00 am January 26, 2016 in Japan. If you haven’t see it yet, now you can say you have.

The Disney Store Japan has already posted the new Tsum Tsum items on their online store but will not be releasing them for purchase until January 26. Disney decided to jump on board with the begging wishes of our leader of this blog Tsum Tsum Marie and created a whole collection from her movie “The Aristocats” BUT they also are releasing some other famous cats as well! There will be a total of 13 new Tsum Tsum Cat’s released including:

  • MARIEnew and improved! The Aristocats
  • TOULOUSE – The Aristocats
  • BERLIOZ – The Aristocats
  • DUCHESS – The Aristocats
  • THOMAS O’MALLEY – The Aristocats
  • FIGARO – Pinocchio
  • GIDEON – Pinocchio
  • SI – Lady and the Tramp
  • AM – Lady and the Tramp
  • and these popular characters are only pretending to be cats in their Cat Suits: Minnie Mouse, Mickey
  • Mouse, Pluto and Goofy

At this time, these Cat Tsum Tsum’s are only available in Japan. So if you have a friend over there, you can always ask them to pick up a collection for you and ship it, otherwise you can wait for them to eventually be released in the US, as they most likely will. Usually items like these take 6-12 months to surface in Disney Stores in North America. We will update this post if we hear any word of a US, UK or other region release date. There are also accounts on Social Media who do pick ups, but expect a price hike and a semi hefty shipping fee.

To find & purchase other Disney Cat Tsum Tsum products go here: DISNEY CAT TSUM TSUM’s  “ gets commission on qualifying purchases made through the affiliate links on this site from 



Marie from The Aristocats


Marie from The Aristocats


Toulouse from The Aristocats


Toulouse from The Aristocats


Berlioz from The Aristocats


Berlioz from The Aristocats


Duchess from The Aristocats


Duchess from The Aristocats


Thomas O’Malley from The Aristocats


Thomas O’Malley from The Aristocats


Gideon from Pinocchio


Figaro from Pinocchio


Si & Am from Lady and the Tramp


Si & Am from Lady and the Tramp


Minnie Mouse in a Cat Suit


Mickey Mouse in a Cat Suit


Goofy in a Cat Suit


Pluto in a Cat Suit



Are YOU excited for this collection and did YOU order any? (we did!)

(answer below in the comment section)

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  • Rae Lynn Jensen

    I want and NEED them all!! Can’t wait. Hopefully I’ll find them on ebay, or here???

    • admin

      If they come to a store that we advertise for, then we will most definitely post them on here!