“Collector of the Week” #2

January 19, 2016

This is our second week doing a “Tsum Tsum Collector of the Week” feature. We have continued to receive some incredible Disney Tsum Tsum collection photos from our readers and followers and we wanted to thank each and every one of you who sent in your submissions! If you have already sent in your photos, your photos will still be considered for future “Collector of the Week” features. If you would like to participate, please send your collection (no matter how big or small) photos to pics@tsumthing.com Be sure to include your information in your emails including your: Name, Location, Social Media Account Names, Collection Info. and anything else you’d like to include!

Congrats to “Tahnee C” from Honolulu, Hawaii on being this weeks “Collector of the Week” feature!

Tahnee’s collection is so tropical! Look at all those “Stitch Tsum’s!”

Current Collection:

  • 45 Mini Plush
  • 2 Medium Plush
  • 6 Large Plush
  • And a few other fun ones!

. . . . . . . . And Counting!

Thank you to the following readers for submitting their collections:

  1. @poohs.corner (David L)
  2. @jennifersothy (Jennifer S)
  3. @leeannebree (Leeanne B)
  4. @tsumtsumchicago (J. Lenior)
  5. @briana_stokes (Briana S)
  6. @kat_nicole (Kirsten)
  7. @disneyguru92 (Jaron L)
  8. @disneylandolewhip (Brielle S)
  9. @joy_at_disneyland (Joy I)
  10. @jgeezlove (Jessica G)
  11. @tsumtsumvancouvour (Joanna)
  12. @tarbyloo (Tara & Mia)
  13. @_thelostprincess and @jordynnsayss (Jordyn F)
  14.  Unknown Account (Wendy Y)

We will be selecting a “Collector of the Week” every Tuesday to feature on our Blog so get your photos in! Send your photos and information to: Pics@tsumthing.com

Thank you for reading and remember to “Keep on Stacking!”


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