“Collector of the Week” #1

January 12, 2016

We received some AMAZING Disney Tsum Tsum© collection photos from our readers and followers for our first ever “Collector of the Week” and we wanted to thank each and every one of you who sent in your submissions!

Every reader who has submitted their collections thus far will be considered for future “Collector of the Week” features as well as “Collector of the Month.” If you’ve already submitted your collection photo’s, there is no need to resend them, however, you are more than welcome to send updated or new photos of your collections. Click Here to Send Us your pictures! Send them at any time and please include your info. like your name, location, collection information, etc.

Congrats to “TsumTsumVancouver” from Vancouver, Canada on being our very FIRST “Collector of the Week” feature!

Tsum.Tsum.Vancouver’s collection is amazing!

Current Collection (not all pictured):

  • 193 Mini Plush
  • 2 Medium Plush
  • 1 Large Plush
  • 4 LipSmackers

. . . . . . . . And Counting!

Copyright: TsumTsumVancouver

Copyright: TsumTsumVancouver

Copyright: TsumTsumVancouver

Copyright: TsumTsumVancouver

Thank you to the following readers for submitting their collections:

  1. @poohs.corner (David L)
  2. @jennifersothy (Jennifer S)
  3. @leeannebree (Leeanne B)
  4. @tsumtsumchicago (J. Lenior)
  5. @briana_stokes (Briana S)
  6. @kat_nicole (Kirsten)
  7. @disneyguru92 (Jaron L)
  8. @disneylandolewhip (Brielle S)
  9. @howkawaiiyou (Tahnee C)
  10. @joy_at_disneyland (Joy I)
  11. @jgeezlove (Jessica G)

We will be selecting a “Collector of the Week” every Tuesday to feature on our Blog so get your photos in!

Thank you for reading and KEEP ON STACKING


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